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Interim Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Announcement

DSHA DEI Board Committee
October 22, 2021 
Dear DSHA Parents and Guardians,
The Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion committee of the DSHA Board of Directors, in collaboration with the DSHA Administration, is excited to announce that Mr. Brian Calhoun will serve as the Interim Director of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion for the remainder of the 2021-22 school year. Mr. Calhoun has been on the DSHA faculty since 2015 as a member and chair of the Health & Fitness Department, along with serving as the Dasher Athletics Director of Fitness and Performance. In an effort to maintain a connectedness with students and provide continuity to the fitness department, he will maintain part of his current role for the balance of the year. Additional staff will be hired to cover instructional hours in the Health and Fitness Department.
Mr. Calhoun’s faculty position for the past six years has allowed him the unique opportunity to teach all students at some point throughout their high school experience. From his first day at DSHA, his goal has been to not only teach health and fitness, but to connect with each and every girl – to find common ground, understand her goals, and work alongside of her to achieve beyond what she thinks is possible – whether related to fitness or another area of passion. He has consistently demonstrated his ability to connect with Dashers through his classes, daily and supportive rapport with students, and a devoted presence at DSHA events that extend beyond his class instruction, including regularly playing drums for all-school Mass and assemblies, participating in Student Diversity Council Dasher Dialogues, "Backing-a-Dasher" at athletic competitions, teaching Summer Cool for future Dashers, leading co-curriculars, attending the DSHA Auction, etc. He is a trusted, engaged voice among the faculty and staff and as a member of the Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment (CIA) academic leadership team.
Mr. Calhoun is a man of life-long faith which has offered him another avenue to connect with and encourage students. He is the son of Andrew Calhoun, Ed.D., ThM, MDiv, MS, who is the Senior Pastor of Grace Fellowship Church of Milwaukee. His background as a D1 student-athlete with the University of Wisconsin football program and with the Detroit Lions have provided him unique opportunities to intersect his passion for athletics with his faith. He has been involved with Athletes in Action (an inter-denominational organization for Christian athletes) and found a deep community of faith with his teammates through regular Bible study and attending church services together.
The 2019 fall semester issue of DSHA’s The Word Magazine featured Mr. Calhoun – his journey to DSHA and his dedicated commitment to his students since arriving. In announcing his role for the remainder of the year, it feels appropriate to share an excerpt from this piece:
(Brian) Calhoun’s passion for his job is real — he is highly motivated to see students succeed and loves the updates that tend to arrive after graduation. "They thank me for the things they didn’t understand at the time. They’ll say things like, ‘I’m not lost anymore and I feel confident and capable.’ That’s why I do what I do."
When asked about his goals for the Health & Fitness Department, he shares that he hopes to improve every year and to leave the department in a better shape than when he started. But he quickly points back to students and their worlds beyond fitness. "I want them to achieve whatever their goal is — in athletics or beyond."
Throughout the year, that "beyond" extends into another area of passion for him: that every student of every race, ethnicity, and background would experience a sense of belonging and equal opportunity; that they have a place at DSHA.
"We are doing a lot to improve diversity here — we’re moving in the right direction and I’m proud to work here," he says. "I want to be a part of this effort and anything I can add to the conversation — my experience and values. Our job is to close the achievement gap as much as possible — for every kid. I find more value in this than being a coach in the fitness center. Ultimately this is what my job is — to be a leader and a mentor through building relationships. It is in the challenges that you’re able to pull the best from kids."

Click here to read the full article. 

In this new role, Mr. Calhoun will work collaboratively with and as an active member of the DEI Committee of the DSHA Board of Directors, along with close collaboration with the DSHA Administration. He will coordinate and facilitate all current DEI programming in a manner consistent with Catholic Social Teaching and our Salvatorian charism, along with the Catholic Social Responsibility Guidelines of the Archdiocese, with emphasis on fostering a sense of belonging and sisterhood among all Dashers. Existing programming includes our Dasher Dialogue series, Student Diversity Council, and the annual multicultural production. He will also work in collaboration with our Sisters of Culture and Furia Latina co-curriculars, as well as serve as the liaison to our C3PO Cultural Community Connections Parent Organization.
Mr. Calhoun’s unique qualifications and the trust he has earned with the school community leave us grateful to share that he has agreed to take on this role while we seek a to fill the position in a more permanent capacity next fall. The DEI Committee of the Board, in collaboration with the DSHA Administration, is currently in the process of retaining the services of a search firm to lead the recruitment of our permanent Director of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion for the 2022-23 school year. More information about the firm and the search process will be forthcoming. For time being, please join us in our gratitude for Mr. Calhoun and his willingness to step into this important role.
God Bless,
John McDermott
Chair of the DSHA Board of Directors
Hon. Derek Mosley, JD
DSHA Board of Directors
Cristy Garcia-Thomas
DSHA Board of Directors
S. Carol Thresher, SDS, DS ’59
DSHA Board of Directors
Katie Konieczny, DSHA ‘92
Dan Quesnell
    • Interim Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Brian Calhoun.


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