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Science, Technology, Engineering & Math Preparation

From AP Calculus and Introduction to Engineering, to Independent Science Research Projects and Geology/Astronomy, DSHA is known for its rigorous and thorough preparation of students in all core subject areas, particularly science and mathematics. The wide variety of classes set students up for a solid base of core knowledge, while electives and co-curricular opportunities like Robotics and SMART TEAM allow girls the opportunity to explore their passions in STEM. The all-girls’ environment allows students to pursue excellence with confidence through curriculum, and to explore their interests with the freedom that comes without distraction.

It's Cool to be Smart!

Increased participation in science and math courses is part of the culture at DSHA.

Science Participation

  • 98% of our seniors are taking more than the 3-year graduation requirement for science.
  • 28 seniors are taking 5 years of science or more.

Math Participation

  • 99% of our seniors are taking more than the 3-year graduation requirement of mathematics.

DSHA Mathematics & Science College Readiness

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  • DSHA

  • State of WI

  • United States

ACT Average

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DSHA’s mathematics and science ACT scores attest to the fact that our students’ mastery of these subjects exceeds those of peers across the state and sets up DSHA graduates for success in college STEM fields.

% of Graduates Meeting CRB Standards

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The percentage of DSHA students who are deemed college-ready in mathematics and science by ACT (as measured by the College Readiness Benchmarks [CRB]) exceeds state levels of college readiness (2017 ACT Data), while the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) shows that fewer than forty percent of students at every grade level tested are proficient in math and science.

DSHA AP Mathematics

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  • DSHA

  • State of WI

  • United States

Average AP Scores

  • AP Calculus AB

  • AP Calculus BC

Our upper-level math courses support students’ pursuit of STEM in college, with both AP Calculus AB and AP Calculus BC outpacing state and national scores (College Board 2017 Data).

Advanced STEM Opportunities

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  • Independent Science Research Projects

    Students have the opportunity to participate and excel in competitions and science and engineering fairs through our hands-on, mentor-based Independence Science Research Projects (ISRP) course. Students conduct their own in-depth scientific research, and present their findings at local, district, state and national competitions. In conjunction with guidance from a mentor, students conduct cutting-edge research – from fields of neuroscience and kinesiology to environmental science and endocrinology. Students then analyze data, write a research paper, and complete other professional-level readings from scientific and medical journals.
    Click here to learn more about ISRP
  • AP Computer Science

    This course teaches students computer programming using JAVA, an object-oriented programming language. This is equivalent to a first-semester college-level course, covering programming methodology, algorithm design, testing methods, logical reasoning, and problem solving.
  • Introduction to Engineering

    This course serves as the basis for students to consider engineering as a career by honing problem-solving and real-world applications of engineering principles and design. Projects involve structural design, data analysis, computer programming, reverse engineering and more.
  • SMART Team

    Students Modeling a Research Topic places students in the role of scientists and engineers, allowing opportunities to learn and use rapid prototyping technology. DSHA’s SMART Team excels at teamwork as they delve into the molecular world, explore science as a process, and work to understand and model the structure-function relationship of a protein. This integration of science and engineering provides students with a more realistic contextualization of problems, increased transfer across problems, more cooperation, and better understanding of the content under study.
    Click here to learn more about the DSHA SMART Team
  • Robotics Team

    This nationally-recognized club allows students the experience of building, programming, and operating robots, along with opportunities to develop additional skills in web design, marketing, and fundraising – all preparation for and at competitions. This team is nationally recognized, winning first place at multiple regional competitions in 2017, and qualifying for World Championships.
    Click here to learn more about the DSHA Robotics Team

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