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DSHA is committed to teaching girls in the ways they learn best. Students grow in confidence in the classroom through the all-girls environment — without distractions — as teachers support and encourage through four years of academically rigorous courses, with a focus on the expectations of college classes and programs. A deliberate, solid foundation of interconnected scope and sequence will ensure graduates are prepared for college and beyond — all with a deliberate and successful commitment to the development of the whole person.
To help students transition into the college-prep environment, Freshmen Wellness and Resource opportunities take place first semester for all Dashers.

Freshman Wellness* | first semester freshman year 
This interactive experience takes place once each week, on the Extended Instruction period, and is designed to help freshmen transition from the middle school to the high school environment – and to the DSHA environment in particular. Freshman Wellness connects students with the people, resources, and opportunities at DSHA which are here to help each student make the most of their freshman year and beyond. In Freshman Wellness groups, students will work with school counselors, campus ministers, teachers, administrators, and members of the Applied Wellness program to participate in thoughtful discussions, work together on activities, build relationships, and learn more about themselves and DSHA. 

Some of the things students will learn and practice include:
  • Exploring the dimensions of wellness through self-assessment, reflection, goal setting, and application.
  • Creating and committing to a solid academic routine with a focus on study skills, time management, organization, and more.
  • Finding the people and resources that work best for them.
  • Developing a "growth mindset": embracing meeting new people and learning new things.
  • Learning about policies, processes, and other guidelines at DSHA.

*This course takes place in conjunction with Freshman Foundational Fitness.

Freshman Resource | first semester freshman year 
All freshmen are required to take a guided study hall for one semester when beginning at DSHA. This first semester study hall is called Freshman Resource where students are assigned to a specific room and resource moderator, This structured approach, rather than an open-spaced study hall, is intended to foster productive study skills and a consistent connection with other students and a faculty member. This guided approach to a designated time for study is to help students create balance, meet the academic rigor of DSHA, and allow for designated opportunities to access the following:

Additionally, Freshman Resource teachers will serve as a daily touch point for students and will help encourage positive habits, build community, and serve as a resource for DSHA-related events and activities. 

For more information, contact:

Joanna McQuide, MS, DSHA '93
Applied Wellness Program Director

Joy Brezovar
Applied Wellness Program Assistant

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