Track & Field

Track & Field Program Mission Statement

“One Team, One Mission.” The mission of the DSHA track & field program is to help each individual develop into a better student-athlete, and to promote growth and maturation through such qualities as leadership, responsibility, teamwork and character. Our sport is comprised of various events and each athlete has a chance to participate, regardless of her current level of ability. However, we do take dedication and determination seriously. 

2021 Team Vision Statement

Our standards are high, but athletes who exemplify great sportsmanship, work hard in practice, and support the team at meets, are always welcome on our team.

2023 Varsity Track & Field Athletes

Emily Au
Sarah Beehler
Caitlynn Bell
KK Buettner
Olivia Campbell 
Anna Carter
Helena Cesarz 
Lilly Cesarz
Claire Chontos
Jenna Czerwinski
Mairin Daily
Evelyn Degarmo
Eleanor Dorrington
Lucy Elgersma
Meghan Fish
Edith Foy
Babette Fransee
Carina Garay
Candy Garcia-Molohua
Magdalena Gavahan 
Olivia Gerke
Felicity Giampietro 
Sophia Gosser
Sky Graham
Lilia Graves
Molly Hambrook
Madelyn Hartung
Meryl Herbst-Synowicz
Eliana Idzikowski
Josephine Ikanih

Bryanna Jackson
Amanda Jakubczak
Ava Johnsen
Kaitlyn Jones
Sophie Koehler
Evelyn Laforest
Tennessen Laforest
Anna Larsen
Alaylah Lee
Aziah Lee
Samarah Lee
Syniah Lee
Anika Lenci
Morgan Mackey
Madeline Mahoney
Sally Manning
Katherine Mark
Saylor Masters
Nora McCormick
Eliana Melendes
Christina Monty
Michelle Nchekwaram
Elizabeth Novotny
Anna O'Brien
Olivia Olson
Elizabeth Orta
Maria Panchikudyil
Elizabeth Paz
Kathryn Paz


Mackenzie Porubcan
Isabella Preschat
Abigail Quesnell
Anne Quesnell
Daniella Riemer
Lauren Roskopf
Haddon Russell
Anna Sauer
Anne Scheidt
Mae Scheuing
Ramona Shaw
Alexandra Sidem
Elena Sommer
Abriella Sparks 
Simone Steeno
Kamryn Stewart
Margaret Stubbs
Natalie Swiderski
Kaitlyn Toole
Morgan Vosniak 
Emma Watson
Najbriya West
Kyleigh Wiken
Melanie Wolff
Lauren Wray
Sophia Wrench
Saylor Wygert
Jenifer Xiong
Elise Yamat


Practice Location

The DSHA Track & Field team does not hold track meets, but practices at Milwaukee Lutheran High School (9700 W Grantosa Dr, Milwaukee, WI 53222).

Coaching Staff:

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