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Academic Learning Place for Higher Achievement (ALPHA)

DSHA's ALPHA center is inspired by university academic centers, as DSHA shares their student-centered purpose and vision: to create an environment that provides an enriching community for scholars. ALPHA focuses on individualized assistance in science, math and English by offering one-on-one instruction from DSHA faculty daily. From their first freshman English paper to their last BC Calculus problem, students are always encouraged to drop-in to ALPHA and take advantage of this world-class academic resource.

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The ALPHA Center was visited by students 1,884 times in the 2017-2018 school year.

Semester 1

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  • English

    1st hour: Andy Berens
    2nd hour: Quinn Loucks
    3rd hour: Shannon Dey
    4th hour: Andy Lelinski
    5th hour: Wendy Fitch
    6th hour: Aubrey Murtha
    7th hour: Peter Nurre
    8th hour: Wendy Fitch
  • Math

    1st hour: Kathleen Brennan
    2nd hour: Libby Wissing
    3rd hour: Katie Blaufuss
    4th hour: Emily Brown
    5th hour: Katie Blaufuss
    6th hour: Rissie Lundberg
    7th hour: Dawn Gardner
    8th hour: Connie Farrow
  • Science

    1st hour: Stacey Strandberg
    2nd hour: Andy Mankowski
    3rd hour: Katie Phillips
    4th hour: Scott Fleischmann
    5th hour: John Melis
    6th hour: Cathy Loehr
    7th hour: Jamie Lemminger
    8th hour: John Melis

Semester 2

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  • English

    1st Hour: Peter Nurre
    2nd Hour: Quinn Loucks
    3rd Hour: Andy Berens
    4th Hour: Shannon Dey
    5th Hour: Andy Lelinski
    6th Hour: Aubrey Murtha
    7th Hour: Andy Berens
    8th Hour: Wendy Fitch
  • Math

    1st Hour: Rissie Lundberg
    2nd Hour: Kathleen Brennan
    3rd Hour: Emily Brown
    4th Hour: Katie Blaufuss
    5th Hour: Libby Wissing
    6th Hour: Katie Blaufuss
    7th Hour: Connie Farrow
    8th Hour: Dawn Gardner
  • Science

    1st Hour: Scott Fleischmann
    2nd Hour: John Melis
    3rd Hour: Katie Phillips
    4th Hour: Andy Mankowski
    5th Hour: John Melis
    6th Hour: Jamie Lemminger
    7th Hour: Stacey Strandberg
    8th Hour: Cathy Loehr

Eve, Class of 2020, Shorewood

The Alpha Center allowed me to have consistent help with academic challenges in various subjects. This personal assistance gave me a better understanding of class material in the subjects I most needed help. I feel this access to my teachers made a definite difference in my learning.

Emily Brown, Math Faculty

ALPHA is an amazing resource for all students.  Whether you want a quiet work space, help starting a paper or lab report, extra practice on math concepts or encouragement from other students and teachers - it is the place to go. I have watched students flourish by spending their time in ALPHA. It is a laid back yet focused environment dedicated to student learning."

Annika, Class of 2020, Wauwatosa

I have never been the best at math, but with the help of our amazing teachers in the ALPHA Center, it became much easier to finish assignments and understand new material.

Caroline, Class of 2019, Cudahy

My favorite thing about ALPHA is that it provides me more accessibility to help and teachers when I need it. This way, I can still have my busy athletic and extracurricular schedule before and after school while seeking help during school for my classes. Seeking help has allowed me to grow and succeed academically at DSHA. Creating the good habit of asking questions and seeking help at ALPHA is the first step towards succeeding  in high school.

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