8:4 Schedule


This innovative schedule is the result of years of research, testing, feedback, and faculty input. The schedule allows for the prioritization of a student’s overall wellness to encourage and enhance the development of her whole person. It is designed to help students alleviate and manage stress by keeping the school day all-inclusive with classes, co-curriculars, wellness, and faith formation occurring within the school day.


The 8:4 Schedule consists of eight class periods per day, Monday – Wednesday, and four extended instruction periods on Thursdays and Fridays.

A typical week includes:
  • Monday – Wednesday: students attend all eight periods, meeting for 42 minutes each.
  • Thursday and Friday: students attend four class periods, meeting 78 minutes each.
  • Dasher Time on all yellow days and extended instruction days when there is not an all-school Mass or assembly. Dasher Time is a dedicated activity time built into each day.
  • Four Wellness periods each week.

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