• September

    WIAA State Diving Champion Kathryn Kleczka, DSHA ’22 ( pictured right), celebrates her victory with Diving Head Coach Herman Acevedo.

    Q & A with WIAA Division I State Diving Champion Kathryn Kleczka, DSHA '22

    From the 2020-2021 school year Word Magazine, published in summer 2021.
    GMC Diver of the Year Kathryn Kleczka, DSHA ‘22, won the WIAA Diving Sectional and took first place in the WIAA State Diving Championship with a score of 423.95. She is the first diver in DSHA history to win state.
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  • August

    Community Comes First

    From the 2020-2021 school year Word Magazine, published in summer 2021. 
    Retiring Technology Coordinator Jeff Kmiecik
    will do just about anything for the DSHA community. Its
    needs come before his own, and his roles span beyond IT. He is a powerful force over the PA system
    leading morning prayer with words of wisdom and encouragement, and he constantly looks for ways to be
    helpful. While he has been planning to retire for 5 years, he stuck with his IT team through one of its most
    challenging years because of his care for DSHA and its prosperity.
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  • Fulfilling His Vocation

    From the 2020-2021 school year Word Magazine; published in summer 2021.
    Retiring School Chaplain and Theology and Social Studies Faculty Fr. Dennis Thiessen, SDS
    , is anything but
    your typical priest. He wears socks with sandals, isn’t afraid to have a laugh, and leads a fairly laid-back
    classroom environment. He works hard to teach his students from two departments and leads the student body
    in the sacramental life of the Church. He loves doing so because he was called to do so in the Salvatorian way.

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  • Around the Globe and Into the Classroom

    From the 2020-2021 school year Word Magazine, published in summer 2021.
    Retiring Social Studies Faculty Chriss Laemmar has traveled to all seven continents, and has visited 52
    countries to date. Her experiential love of global cultures, commitment to the Salvatorian mission, and
    passion for watching her students grow into confident young women, while grasping worlds outside of their
    own, have all fueled her teaching career at DSHA.

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  • July

    The Friendships Behind the Job

    From the 2020-2021 school year Word Magazine, published in summer 2021. 
    To say that Retiring Custodian Jim Beaver is committed to his work is an understatement. Beaver takes his
    responsibilities seriously, creating welcoming spaces and taking new members of the maintenance team
    under his wing to help serve the school best. While the job is important to him, so are the relationships he has
    nurtured over his years at DSHA. With an approachable and friendly personality, Beaver is known for his ability
    to connect with all members in the school building.
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  • Celebrating the Student Learning and Expression Experience

    From the 2020-2021 school year Word Magazine, published in summer 2021.
    Retiring Fine Arts Faculty Jill Reginato Pitterle, DSHA ’72
    , is not only a talented visual arts teacher, but has also been nationally recognized for her fibers and weaving work. Despite her personal success, teaching is in her heart. She has a passion for the arts that she passes on to her students, while focused on making their work shine. While DSHA is home for Pitterle — where she learned her love for fibers and weaving as a high school student and where she “grew up” as a teacher — she is now ready to “graduate” and enjoy life outside of DSHA.
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  • May

    Honor Callanan, DSHA '21

    Why I Give Back to DSHA - Class of 2021

    Class of 2021
    Divine Savior Holy Angel’s “Mosaic” program is an annual tradition in which the senior class pledges to give back to DSHA in gratitude for the past four years and to pay it forward to the next generation of Dashers.
    At a special assembly led by their class spokeswomen, all seniors are asked to make a four-year Mosaic pledge. Seniors make a pledge to donate $12.50 a year for their four years in college - for a total pledge of $50. The math comes to less than 4 cents a day: 4 cents a day for DSHA!
    During the assembly, the senior class spokeswomen shared why they give back through Mosaic.
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  • February

    Celebrating Black History Month at DSHA

    To celebrate and honor Black History Month, the DSHA Sisters of Culture Club (SOC) will be sharing about Black history, experience, trivia, facts, myths, and more all February. We encourage our community to listen, learn, and follow along on their Instagram: @dsha_sistersofculture
    Turn your ear to wisdom, incline your heart to understanding. Proverbs 2:2. 
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  • January

    She's the First Commemorative Prayer

    A prayer for the morning of Wednesday, January 20, 2021, for the swearing in of the first female Vice-President in our 244-year history as a country.
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  • Marian Scholars Peer Mentors Reflect on Involvement in Program

    In the fall of 2020, DSHA implemented the Marian Scholars Program, a student-centered, inclusive education program for student with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The Marian Scholars Program relies on a peer mentoring component; these peer mentors help the student engage in class, offer curriculum modifications, and lend support as needed. 

    Eight DSHA juniors and seniors reflect on their time serving as a mentor to Mia Ruge, DSHA '24, DSHA's first Marian Scholar, during the first semester of the program's existence.  
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  • Honor Callanan, DSHA '21

    Moving Toward an Inclusive and Whole Community

    This story was published in the 2019-2020 Annual Report.
    As the bell rang signaling the beginning of co-curricular time, the unwavering, organized chaos of the Best Buddies club time ensued with students catching up with their friends and girls eagerly filling the circular tables of the Quad. Vibrant noise and laughter filled the entirety of the only space large enough to house the largest club in the school — around 100 girls. Despite the normalcy of these occurrences, something stood out on this day as Principal Dan Quesnell was waiting off to the side, quietly looking out into the sea of plaid and polos. Although achieving silence among the members was often a struggle, Mr. Quesnell quickly gained the attention of everyone sitting when he revealed his plans for DSHA to pursue a program that would give girls with disabilities the chance to become Dashers. Little did we know that what started as a routine club meeting would both spark inspiration for, and set into motion, what is today the Marian Scholars Program — a student centered, inclusive education program for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
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