• July

    Walking with Students

    Q & A with Retiring School Counselor Jacky Krawczyk
    Since retired School Counselor Jacky Krawczyk has been at DSHA, she has helped two generations of Dashers with many uncommon and common social, emotional, and academic challenges; and she has celebrated alongside of them in their victories. She has been a clear communicator and problem solver, working collabora­tively with faculty, students, and parents to do what is best for her students. In addition, colleagues in the DSHA Student Services department refer to her as the glue that has kept the department together and running smoothly. In the 26 years she has spent as a familiar face around the halls, her role as a school counselor has changed from an administrative, behind-the-scenes role to working face-to-face with students — a role she cherishes and will miss next school year.
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  • June

    ¡Sí Se Puede!

    Q & A with Retiring World Languages Faculty Martha Parks
    World Languages Faculty Martha Parks is a staple of her department at DSHA, and has been since her arrival more than a decade ago. A native of Quito, Ecuador, she teaches Spanish with a passion and understanding that is invaluable — to both faculty and students alike. She strives to develop a confidence in her students’ abilities and an appreciation for both language and culture. In addition to her dedication in the classroom, she has given countless students the opportunity to immerse themselves into the Spanish culture outside of the classroom. She coordinated a service mission trip for Spanish students to the Working Boys Center in Quito, Ecuador for 12 years. She also had a desire to put Latina students on the map at DSHA, and therefore worked to organize and grow the Furia Latina Club, which celebrates and promotes Latino culture. Though she is retiring, she has left her mark on the place of DSHA in ways that matter to the mission.
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  • Caring for the Whole Student

    Q & A with Retiring Science Faculty Scott Fleischmann
    In the two decades that retiring Science Faculty Scott Fleischmann has been a part of the DSHA community, he’s taught nearly every science course offered. While current students know him as an anatomy and physiology expert who shows up consistently at their games, plays, and concerts, they also know him as a patient and helpful teacher who loves to see his students succeed in his class and beyond. Fleischmann has valued helping his students become passionate about current and future science endeavors through numerous co-curriculars. And he has loved his time accompanying students on excursions that help them become well-rounded in their interests, whether that be the marine biology science trip in Hawaii, or the DSHA Drama Club trip in New York City. While looking forward to his retirement, the summary of his parting could be this: he will miss the science, but he will truly and deeply miss his work alongside of his students and colleagues.
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  • DSHA Stands in Solidarity with the Black Community

    Divine Savior Holy Angels High School
    Dear DSHA Community,

    We would like to thank each of you who took time to provide feedback on the communication sent on June 1 entitled DSHA Response to Current Events of Racial Injustice and our stance and support of members of the Black community. The response of the community was wide-ranging. And we are listening. 

    The recent killing of George Floyd has not only brought out the harsh realities of systemic racial oppression and injustice acts towards Black Americans to full view, but it has allowed each and every one of us a chance to question what we believe in and why we believe in it. We believe that Black lives matter and they matter deeply. This is a human rights statement and one that aligns with our Catholic and Salvatorian mission to work actively toward social justice in both our global world and local communities – including right here at DSHA. We want DSHA to provide an environment that embraces our young women of color and surrounds them with love and acceptance.
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  • DSHA Response to Current Events of Racial Injustice

    Divine Savior Holy Angels High School
    As a school community, we are deeply saddened by the recent events that have taken place in our country. As a Catholic and Salvatorian school, we know and stand for the importance of human life and the dignity of all people. As an educational institution we strive to help our students and staff understand issues of racism, social justice, and mercy. The combination of faith and education is intended to help us take action and do our part to improve the quality of life for all people.
    DSHA denounces all forms of racism and brutality. We stand for loving our neighbors; for the human dignity of all; reaching out to those in need; and for eliminating systemic racism and other forms of injustice. Specifically, we pray for the repose of the souls of our brothers and sisters, George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and Joel Acevedo, among others who fell victim to brutality of injustice. 
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  • May

    The Hilltoppers Robotics Team 1732, made up of DSHA girls and MUHS boys (in blue and yellow caps), compete at the Midwest Regional competition in early March.

    What Robotics Has Taught Me

    There’s nothing better than seeing all your hard work come to fruition and perform on the big stage. Six weeks of late nights, ardent planning, eating all the snacks in the snack cabinet, intense building, screaming your lungs out, wearing more glitter than you care to admit, sweating like you’ve run a marathon, dancing the Macarena with your friends, and pouring your heart and soul into the performance of a machine—that’s the culmination of robotics, and the most fun I’ve had in high school.
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  • Director of Theatre, Choirs, and Liturgical Music Jerry Becker and the Angelaires

    How the DSHA Fine Arts Department has Shaped my DSHA Experience

    As the DSHA Angelaires check into Director of Theatre, Choirs, and Liturgical Music Jerry Becker’s virtual class each day, they are presented with a check-in question. Becker recently asked the girls about the role of arts as part of their overall education at DSHA.
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  • Nora Bauer, DSHA '19

    Tips & Tricks to Finish the Semester Strong

    The week of May 4, Nora Bauer, DSHA ’19, a freshman at Princeton University, joined an Applied Wellness Zoom session with current Dashers. During this meeting, Bauer shared her study tips and motivation tricks with a group of students who are gearing up to take their AP exams over the next couple of weeks. Her tips were so great that we asked her to write them down so we could share with the entire community. Whether you are studying for an AP test or looking for some encouragement to finish your online semester strong – take a read and get ready to “crush it” as she says!
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  • April

    Beauty, Goodness & Truth at DSHA

    April 1, 2020
    Dear Divine Savior Holy Angels Community,

    On behalf of our faculty and staff, I hope this finds you safe and healthy as we have all begun to navigate the uncharted waters of this season.
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  • March

    Morgan Casetta, DSHA '20 (far left), with the two other DSHA students assigned to serve at Vision Forward.

    Vocare 2020 | Senior Reflections

    From March 2-13, Divine Savior Holy Angels High School seniors embarked on Vocare, a two-week service immersion experience. Vocare is the capstone of each student’s four years of service. Each senior serves two full weeks in the greater Milwaukee community, working with children, the elderly, those with special needs, or at community outreach programs. Below, some of them share what they learned throughout their journeys.
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  • Ellie Dunn, DSHA '16, far left, spoke about her service experiences at the Vocare prayer service.

    Lessons Learned in Service

    Ellie Dunn, DSHA '16, now a student at Creighton University, addressed seniors at the Vocare send off and prayer service February 28.  She spoke about her Vocare experience, as well as her service experiences beyond DSHA.
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  • February

    Katie Konieczny, DSHA '92, President

    Letter from the President and the Principal

    Strategic plans can be exciting to some and boring to others. At DSHA, the strategic plan ultimately drives our commitment to continuous improvement through focused direction, while holding us accountable to growth.
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  • Sybille Hamilton, DS '65

    Finding Purpose in Planned Giving through the DSHA Cornerstone Society

    We all desire to find a purpose to our lives. For many, that purpose is making a difference––whether in the lives of others today, or a legacy left in the world at large.
    DSHA is committed to developing future leaders of faith, heart, and intellect who learn to serve others today during their high school years, and then enter the real world equipped and motivated to make it a better place.
    The generous donors of DSHA help Dashers find their purpose in many ways––through gifts to the auction, the DSHA Annual Fund, scholarship donations and more.
    One of those “and more” options is estate planning; also called planned giving and known as the Cornerstone Society at DSHA. Everyone who believes in the transformational work that is happening every day at DSHA can participate in planned giving, regardless of age or income level. And we are so thankful for those who believe in the mission of DSHA enough to leave a planned legacy behind for future Dashers.
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  • January

    Map of Pilgrimage Sites

    A Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

    On Thursday, June 27, 2019, thirteen Dashers along with Theology Faculty Danny Pavlovich, Director of Salvatorian Service Stephanie Monson, and parent chaperone Tim Dunne, left Milwaukee for the Holy Land. The ten-day trip was a dream Pavlovich conceived nearly three years ago — all with the intent to provide his Theology students an experience that would “make the faith more real to them; for the Gospels to come alive,” he shares.
    Pavlovich and Monson carved out time each day to pray with students and reflect on their shared journey. And they invite you to hear from some of the students whose lives have been changed as they walked in the steps of Christ — from the Sea of Galilee and the Jordan River, and from Bethlehem to Jerusalem, this was not a trip, but a pilgrimage of real-life, experiential, and transformative faith.
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  • Bella Montgomery, DSHA '19

    The Freedom to Express My Black Voice

    Bella Montgomery, DSHA ’19, received the Outstanding Senior in English award. Over her four years as a Dasher, she has evolved as a communicator, developing a voice ready for the world. Here is her story in her own words.
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