Pillars of the Basketball Program

  1. Faith
    1. The most important part of our program is our faith
    2. We will be examples of Jesus to everyone; opposing players, coaches, referees, and all fans
    3. We will be examples of the mission of Divine Savior Holy Angels High School
  2. Family
    1. We are a family in our program
    2. This family includes all players, coaches, managers, and training staff
    3. We will support one another both on and off the court as family does
  3. Fire
    1. This is how we play the game
    2. We will never be outworked, out hustled, or outsmarted
    3. We will be both mentally and physically tough

Basketball Program Mission Statement

The DSHA Basketball program is a positive and supportive community that works with its members to help them grow both on and off the court and to develop our student athlete as a whole person. We foster a competitive spirit that the student athletes can carry with them throughout their lives. We cultivate an environment of support for one another that helps each person develop into the leader that they can be.

Team Vision Statement

To be a model basketball program excelling in academics and athletics. We will continue to strive to win Conference, Regional, Sectional, and State Championships, while upholding a high team GPA.

2023-24 Varsity Basketball Roster

Hailey Bachmann
Madeline Brown
Moira Clausen 
Eleanor Dorrington
Haley Feldbruegge
Maria Hilbert

Mary Kouvoukliotis
Flannery O'Keef
Mackenzie Porubcan
Natalie Swiderski
Allison Timm
Karinna Trotter


Home Court Location

Home basketball games are played at DSHA (4257 N. 100th Street, Milwaukee WI, 53222).

Coaching Staff:

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