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  • Why scholarships?

    Thanks to DSHA’s scholarship donors, exceptionally talented young women have access to an outstanding education regardless of their financial situation. And we believe that a diverse socio-economic community creates a better educational environment for each and every DSHA student. 
  • Who benefits from scholarships at DSHA?

    • They help young women with great potential and possibilities take the first step toward achieving their dreams.
    • They make DSHA more representative of our increasingly diverse community by creating a stronger learning environment for all – each girl at DSHA is essential to the fabric of the community.
    • And because every scholarship student goes to college, they pay dividends far into the future — brightening the lives these young women will touch in future careers, communities and homes
  • Average Scholarship Award

    One-third of families qualify for some need-based assistance, with the average award over $7,000. 

    Click here to learn more about tuition and financial aid. 
  • Annually Funded Scholarships – EVERY GIFT CHANGES LIVES

    Hundreds of individuals, foundations and corporations make annual gifts to support scholarships at DSHA. Some dedicate their support for girls throughout the greater Milwaukee community who need varying amounts of help to make DSHA affordable. Others target their scholarship gifts to girls from Catholic grade schools, or to the growing number of students attending DSHA with the help of state tuition vouchers.

    Whether it’s $250 or $25,000, every scholarship gift helps.
  • Endowed Scholarships – CREATE OPPORTUNITY

    Scholarship awards from these funds are made annually to students who meet the criteria established by donors. Many scholarship funds commemorate family members, while others recognize the businesses or organizations that established them. And some pay tribute to faculty and staff members who have helped make DSHA Wisconsin’s best school for high school girls. From supporting a student who is active in community service or excels in the fine arts, to assisting students of color from urban schools and neighborhoods, a scholarship endowment fund can be tailored to the causes that matter most to you.
    Ways to establish an endowed scholarship fund include:
    • An outright gift, sometimes pledged over several years.
    • Appreciated stock or real property that can be easily liquidated.
    • Planned gifts such as a bequest, charitable remainder trust or insurance policy.
    • Retirement fund assets.

Learn more about how you can add opportunity through scholarships:

To learn how, contact Matt Johnson, Senior Director of Development at (414) 721-2911

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