Rugby Program Mission Statement

DSHA rugby teaches student-athletes that together if they make the choice to work hard, pursue excellence, and be committed to each other both on and off the field, everything is attainable as capable and confident young ladies.

Pillars of the Rugby Program

  • Excellence
  • Faith
  • Community
  • Education
  • Tradition

2018 Team Vision Statement

The rugby team vision is to help student-athletes develop the necessary skills to fulfill their potential in whatever they seek to become in life.

2022 Spring Rugby

Fall 2022 Rugby Roster

Kathleen Ambrose
Gissell Arenal   
Daniela Basurto-Sil
Lilly Brandt
Anastasia Byrne
Camilla Chaisorn
Evelyn Coffou
Payton Corr
Anaya Crosly-Anderson
Mary Czarnecki
Tobie Dahm
Katherine Duffy
Sienna Ebo
Lea Evans
Meghan Finerty
Clare Foy
Mary Foy
Jocelyn Frain
Elizabeth Gonzalez
Erin Gonzales

Margarita Gutierrez
Neve Hammel
Erin Hemsworth
Breanna Henry
Maria Hilbert
Ava Johnson
Margaret Johnson
Margaret Killoran
Carly Kohloff
Hannah Mansfield
Mia Minessale
Yesenia Morales
Elizabeth Niederjohn 
Mofiyinfolowa Ogunbowale
Flannery O'Keef
Ava Pelz
Sonia Perkovich
Lovely Petty
Elizabeth Piper


Stacy Ramirez
Gretchen Rebholz
Mary Rebholz
Margaret Rehmann
Megan Reilly
Jane Retzer
Margaret Richburg
Megan Roeder
Melanie Sanchez
Madeleine Savoie
Ruby Scheuing
Veronica Schoenauer
Mary Setliff
Lola Sgrignuoli
Maeve Steger
Madison Turcinovic
Meghan Walsh
Kyleigh Wiken
Grace Wimmer


Home Field Location

Home rugby games take place at Dretzka Park (12020 W Bradley Rd, Milwaukee, WI 53224).

Coaching Staff:

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