Cross Country

Cross Country Program Mission Statement

The DSHA cross country team strives to offer student-athletes the physical fitness and psychological confidence to excel in the sport, as well as develop strong character traits to meet challenges both on and off running trails. Most importantly, the cross country program supports and promotes DSHA’s mission and identity by educating the whole student-athlete in sportsmanship and leadership while developing a community that runs and prays together.

Pillars of the Cross Country Program

Distance running is a sport for ambitious, hard-working individuals who crave personal challenge. The philosophy of the DSHA cross country program emphasizes the following principles:
  1. Commitment (both in and out of the season)
  2. Improvement (both within a season and spanning an athlete’s career)
  3. General Health and Fitness (nutrition, strength, flexibility, coordination, and aerobic and anaerobic training)
  4. A Positive Team Atmosphere

2021 Cross Country Roster

Cecilia Barthel
Katherine Berthold
Olivia Campbell
Ximena Cardenas
London Chase
Mairin Daily
Xitlalli de la Torre-Sanchez
Grace Dunn 
Caroline Ewig
Maura Foy
Magdalena Gavahan
Lilia Graves
Sofia Grbic 
Adela Grogan 
Molly Hambrook
Madelyn Hartung
Meryl Herbst-Synowicz
Eliana Idzikowski
Lillian Janisch
Anne Larsen
Syniah Lee
Anika Lenci
Josie Marsho

Nora McCormick
Eliana Melendes
Julia Miller
Florianna Miroslaw
Grace Mount
Maya Nebbia
Carlin Nolan
Oriana Ognar
Natalie Palacios
Madison Porubcan
Abigail Quesnell
Anne Quesnell
Julia Rentmeester 
Haddon Russell
Anne Scheidt
Mae Scheuing
Simone Steeno
Ruby Thatcher
Trinity White
Melanie Wolff
Elizabeth Zeidler
Mae Zukowski

Home Location

The DSHA Cross Country team does not hold meets, but practices at Mount Mary University (2900 Menomonee River Pkwy, Milwaukee, WI 53222).

Coaching Staff:

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