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How am I going to get my daughter to DSHA?

We get it. You and your family are busy with complicated schedules. And transportation can be a challenge, especially given that DSHA attracts young women from all over southeastern Wisconsin. We know this is a huge factor in determining fit for you and your daughter. Let us help you with this! Please see below for some options and answers we have to the VERY important question of "How am I going to get my daughter to school?":

Open Doors | Before & After School

Whether studying in the R.J. Fridl Commons, working out in the Sarah M. Hegarty Fitness Center, studying in the library, or sticking around for a sports practice or music rehearsal, our doors are open for your daughter both before and after school. Students have access to the building as early as 6am. And after school, your daughter will have a safe space to be productive until her ride arrives. 


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  • How does it work?

    1. Upon acceptance, and through the DSHA school directory, families may opt in to share their home address, listing themselves as either willing to drive a carpool or searching for a carpool.
    2. A convenient map feature can be filtered by zip code and carpool preferences, allowing parents and students to see who they can contact with regard to carpooling.
    3. Contact your potential carpool options and get ready to hit the road!
  • Why the exclamation marks?

    Why the exclamation marks? Because parents need them and girls LOVE them. The bonds formed during the trek to and from school are priceless, and most students carpool at some point throughout the year.

Bussing & Parent Contracts

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  • Elmbrook School District | Resident Bussing

    There is no busing for residents of the Elmbrook School District, but you may be eligible under Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction statutes for a Parent Contract reimbursement for private school transportation. Questions? Call (262)-246-1973.
  • Milwaukee Southside | Johnson Bus Service

    There are two morning bus stops:
      • Stop #1: The bus first picks up students at Notre Dame Middle School (NDMS) at 6:45 a.m.
      • Stop #2: The bus picks up students at the United Community Center (UCC) at 6:50 a.m.
    The bus arrives at DSHA at approximately 7:10 a.m. and departs from DSHA at 3:40 p.m. During inclement weather, bus service is provided as long as DSHA remains open. Questions? Contact DSHA Administrative Assistant Dawn Hathaway at (414)-462-3742.
  • Hamilton School District | Parent Contract Option

    There is no busing for residents of the Hamilton School District, but you may be eligible under Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction statutes for a Parent Contract reimbursement for private school transportation. Questions? Call (262)-246-1973.

From the parents:

My wife and I, and four of our five children call Cedarburg home, a 35–40 minute commute from DSHA. I work in Mequon, just 2.5 miles from home. Cedarburg High School is just six blocks away. Yet when Katherine fell in love with DSHA we knew we would have to make some sacrifices and re-balance our schedules. Like every wrinkle life throws your way, you quickly iron it out. You’ll drive one day. You'll meet another mom who works near the school so there’s another ride covered. A few friends have practice after school, so your daughter gets a jump on her homework and catches a ride home with them. And while you await her return at the end of the day, you know she’s studying in a safe, beautiful space that’s open well into the evening. 
Even when she doesn’t have an after-school activity, and we can’t be there at dismissal, we love the fact that the fitness center is available, and the Commons are open for Katherine to have safe place to get a jump on her homework. To be honest, I think she makes even more progress at DSHA than she would at home without the distractions and interruptions of her younger siblings!

− Jim Michaletz, parent of Katherine, DSHA ’21


Because DSHA annually draws students from over 120 middle schools across over 60 zip codes, our young women are more likely to meet classmates who share their similar interests and talents, while our vibrant geographic diversity allows students to gain exposure to a variety of viewpoints and backgrounds. Our commitment to whole-person education includes widening each young woman’s perspective on her community, city, and the world. This experience, unique at the high school level, is similar to what our young women will find in college.

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