Whole-Person Education

Qualities of a Graduate

The Qualities of a DSHA Graduate find their foundation in the mission of DSHA. Over the course of four years, faculty and staff are deliberately and intentionally focused on helping each student grow and develop into an articulate, confident and capable young woman with the following qualities: Woman of Faith, Self-Advocate, Critical Thinker, Communicator, and Leader — all within the safe space of an all-girls environment

She is a Woman of Faith.

She is a Woman of Faith who relies on Catholic Christian values which encourage her to act on God’s call to recognize her gifts and use her voice to pursue justice, live with integrity and actively improve her world. A faith-filled role model, she demonstrates the highest respect and compassion for herself and for others by living a life that makes a difference.

She is a Self-Advocate.

She is a Self-Advocate, who as a young woman learns to accurately assess her abilities and to recognize and resist the cultural forces and customs that would erode her own emerging sense of self, or cause her to act in conflict with her own values and beliefs. Through systematic opportunities to learn, practice and master self-advocacy behaviors, she begins to articulate her beliefs and values. She uses her own voice to state her opinion, ask questions and effectively negotiate for her strongest possible outcome.     

She is a Critical Thinker.

She is a Critical Thinker who solves problems, improves processes and sees what others cannot. She is innovative and creative, her wise counsel and enlightened perspectives highly sought-after. She is an adaptable, analytical, curious intellectual who pursues deep understanding and trusts her instincts and experience.

She is a Communicator.

She is a Communicator who is articulate, perceptive and empowered to make her voice heard. She is highly skilled at interpersonal communication, effectively sharing ideas through various means, with various audiences, using advanced technology as needed. She is an active listener who is self-reflective and engaged, and is a confident communicator who is unafraid to stand up and say what must be said.  

She is a Leader.

She is a Leader who takes initiative, leading by inspiration and influence. A skilled collaborator, she uses her full potential to motivate individuals and groups to accomplish goals and achieve dreams.  She is inclusive, hopeful and highly ethical; as a visionary leader, she is accountable to herself and to others, bravely forging new paths and building new connections.
DSHA’s Catholic, Salvatorian foundation, academic program and co-curricular opportunities provide each young woman with a framework for self-advocacy and personal excellence based on high standards, tools and choices that empower her to develop the Qualities of the DSHA Graduate.

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