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Retreats provide a safe space for each young woman to explore and ignite her individual faith while connecting with her classmates personally and spiritually. Grounded in scripture and based on a model of peer ministry, DSHA retreats cater to female adolescent spirituality by recognizing the process of faith development and emphasizing the importance of community through shared experiences.

DSHA Retreat Schedule

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  • Campus Ministry Opening Retreat

    Offered by the Campus Ministry Officers and Council, this is an optional retreat for all students and specifically aimed at Campus Ministry Leaders in the coming year as an introduction and precursor to all Campus Ministry offerings and programming throughout the upcoming year.

    It is held the afternoon of check-in day, a few days before the official start of the semester.
  • Freshman Retreat: Take Flight

    The Freshman Retreat sets the tone for all future pastoral experiences. This retreat is led by members of the Campus Ministry staff along with members of the senior class selected to serve as retreat coordinators and small group leaders.

    The freshman class will truly experience the theme “Take Flight” as they reflect on the importance of having a strong faith life throughout their high school years.

    Freshmen gather and participate in small group activities centered on the goal of “taking flight into their faith.” The following day, small groups are brought together to continue the retreat with community-building and faith-sharing activities, from witness talks and affirmations, to additional small and large group discussions, all culminating in a special retreat Mass. Parents are invited to the closing prayer service.
  • Sophomore Retreat: Through the Turbulence

    As sophomores continue to acclimate to high school, their faith becomes more real. Sophomore Retreat fosters reflection on how God can help you through all of the joys and sorrows of your daily life. With a strong focus on self-awareness and identity, Sophomore Retreat is designed to help students better understand how they can contribute to the communities of which they are a part.

    Location: Redemptorist Retreat Center
  • Optional Junior Retreat: Present to the Spirit

    This weekend overnight retreat is an optional experience for members of the junior class who wish to further develop their relationship with God.

    Held during the Lenten season, this retreat provides students with a much-needed break from their busy lives to focus on the story of Mary and Martha. By examining their life through this lens, students begin to discover the extent to which they are open to God’s presence in their lives.

    Retreat participants spend time listening to witness talks, and through a series of small group discussions, they learn from one another about how to slow down and “take time out” for the things that truly matter in life.

    Redemptorist Retreat Center
  • Senior Retreat: Saying Yes

    Senior Retreat invites students to “Say Yes” to God in all that He is asking them to be and do.

    Seniors take a look back upon their four years of high school, and decipher the ways in which God has been present to them, guiding them through the events of their lives. With the focus on the Annunciation and Mary’s “Yes” to God, Senior Retreat is about embracing what is to come with open arms, knowing that God will be with them as they move into adulthood.

    Location: Camp Minikani

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