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A co-curricular is a group whose learning experience complements and extends what students are learning and experiencing in either academic departments or in close connection to our mission as a Catholic school.
  • Co-curriculars are designed to strengthen classroom learning and mission focus.
  • Co-curriculars offer students space to create, plan, implement, and lead various school-wide activities, opportunities, and events.
  • Most co-curriculars are offered during the school day — they help build community through shared interests and across grade levels.
  • There is a co-curricular for everyone to explore their passions or try something new!

Current Co-Curriculars

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  • Art Studio

    Art Studio is a space for current art students to expand their work on current projects and explore new ideas.
    Art Studio is for upper-level art students only.
  • Asian Student Union

    The ASU celebrates all Asian cultures and creates a space for students to express and learn more about their culture. All students are welcome to join, and the ASU will work to educate the DSHA community as a whole.
  • Athletic Performance Training

    This is the ideal co-curricular for student-athletes in any sport, in any season, at any level. Using a curriculum-based training program (PLT4M) students will enhance their athletic performance.
  • Best Buddies

    Gather, plan, organize and implement Best Buddies activities off campus (some evening and weekend commitments for the Best Buddies events). Best Buddies at DSHA is focused on creating opportunities for one-to-one friendships and leadership development for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
  • Book Club

    In Book Club, students will choose books to read together and have group discussions about. Students will work on their critical thinking and communication skills. Students will also organize a book drive for children in need in the community
  • Debate

    Debate club is a fun and comfortable environment where members will learn how to create a strong argument and participate in exciting, thought-provoking debate with their peers.
  • Equality. Voice. Empowerment. (E.V.E.)

    E.V.E. advocates for basic equal rights for all individuals of different races, religions, genders, etc. EVE is an environment in which all opinions are welcome and offers a safe space to be yourself and discuss and participate in events that fight the injustices in our society. As a club run by young women, we look to support the feminist movement and continue the fight for equality.
  • Film Studies

    The purpose of Film Study is to educate and appreciate the importance of film in our society. Students will also work to understand the cultural significance of differing perspectives in film.
  • Forensics

    The Forensics season runs from January to April. The Forensics team participates in competitive public speaking events with categories such as acting, impromptu speaking, and speech writing. It is a great opportunity to build your confidence in public speaking!
  • French Club

    Students in French Club have the opportunity to participate in a variety of French cultural activities involving art, cuisine, fashion, films, holiday traditions and more. It is not necessary to be a French student to join. The club's goal is to promote understanding and appreciation of the language, culture, and people of France and other francophone countries.
  • Furia Latina

    Furia Latina is dedicated to appreciating Hispanic culture, addressing topics of interest to Latinas, and promoting Latino culture. Furia Latina is also a support group for Latina students and their families, sometimes organizing Spanish-speaking events for the DSHA community.
  • Goodness & Kindness

    Plan random acts of kindness and do good things for the DSHA community and beyond in the G & K co-curricular!
  • Hometown Heroes

    Hometown Heroes is a service organization that supports military veterans.
  • Latin Convention

    Students learn about culture and history of the ancient world, as well as the annual Latin Convention in January. Work in teams to explore ancient history and mythology and prepare for various competitions at the convention. Such competition preparations include building a functioning ancient machine of war, designing a themed t-shirt and scrapbook, creating art projects around ancient mythology and culture, etc. Open to all students!
  • Liturgical Music Team

    Sing or play for Masses with your classmates. No need to be in choir. Join the Lit Min Team and practice for Mass the next week.
  • Mass, Sacristans, and Daily Prayer Team

    Plan and prepare for meaningful Masses and prayers with your classmates.
  • Math Club

    In Math Club students will experience Math games and puzzles designed to challenge and amuse. There will also occasionally be food!
  • Mental Health Matters

    Mental Health Matters is for students who are interested in Psychology, wellness, and individuals’ mental health. It is a resource for students who want to learn about wellness and advocate for wellness practices within our school and community.
  • Model UN

    Model UN is a simulation of the UN General Assembly and its other multilateral bodies where students perform an ambassador role while debating topics such as gender equality, climate action, global health, and more. Meetings and work prepare students to participate in the statewide Model UN conference.
  • Raise Awareness

    Raise Awareness about a particular issue or organization and plan ways to change the world for the better.
  • Respect Life

    Respect Life promotes awareness of life issues such as human trafficking, death penalty, abortion, euthanasia, aging, dying, mental illness, brain disorders and more.
  • Retreat Teams

    This Salvatorian Catholic mission co-curriculars are for juniors and seniors. Help the freshmen and sophomores during their annual retreats as small group leaders. You must have applied and been accepted as small group leader to be a part of this co-curricular.
  • Robotics

    The award-winning Hilltopper Robotics Team is a collaboration between DSHA and MUHS. Experiences include building, programming, and operating robots, web design, marketing (including social media), fundraising, and encouraging team spirit in preparation for and at competitions.
  • School Garden & Ecology Club

    The School Garden team grows organic food for our school cafeteria and uses the garden harvest sales to donate money to local food pantries. The School Garden team also learns the environmental benefits of fresh, local, organic food while also discovering how enjoyable gardening and the outdoors really are!
  • Service Teams

    Service team members will help plan, create, and implement service projects throughout the year at DSHA.
  • She's the First

    She’s the First is a global organization that believes that every girl, no matter where she is born, deserves to be educated, respected, and heard. This co-curricular will focus on service projects that support this organization. 
  • Sisters of Culture (SOC)

    SOC celebrates the ethnic backgrounds and cultures of the DSHA community, with the mission to spread awareness and honor all cultures. We discuss contemporary issues and focus on racial justice. Outside service work is encouraged within the greater Milwaukee community.
  • SMART Team

    SMART stands for students modeling a research topic. Students work as teams to understand a molecular story and design and build a physical protein model that is the focus of a research project.
  • Student Council

    Student Council is comprised of leaders from all grade levels committed to the ongoing improvement of DSHA. Through leadership development activities and school-wide events, Student Council serves the needs of students and the greater DSHA community. Student Council is comprised of seven standing commissions, each with its own programs and objectives. Student leaders serve as elected leaders or in leadership roles through many of the school-wide activities sponsored by the organization.
  • Student Council: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Commission

    The DEI Commission gathers to plan regular Dasher Dialogues and to plan and execute other diversity and inclusion events. It also works as a part of DSHA's Student Council.
  • The Word

    The Word is the DSHA student news publication. Dashers write both news articles and creative articles and create playlists, student art and photography, fun interactive quizzes, and other creative pieces.
  • Yearbook

    Yearbook is responsible for producing the annual DSHA student yearbook, Retrospect. The Yearbook team selects photos, designs the layouts, and writes the copy for Retrospect.

Explore your passions!

Co-curriculars are an integral part of the DSHA experience, with opportunities built into the school day and beyond. Research has shown that involvement in these activities helps with the following:
  • Positive benefits to her academic record.
  • A greater sense of belonging to the school community.
  • Practice personal and professional leadership development while gaining a sense of confidence in a safe space.
  • Healthier, more balanced behaviors.
  • Positive results in college and beyond.
  • Enhanced development in life skills.

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