Whole-Person Education


What is a co-curricular at DSHA?

1. A co-curricular is a group whose learning experience complements and extends what students are learning and experiencing in either academic departments or in close connection to our mission as a Catholic school.

2. Co-curriculars are designed to strengthen classroom learning and mission focus.

3. Co-curriculars offer students a space to create, plan, implement, and lead various school-wide activities, opportunities, and events.

4. Most co-curriculars are offered during the school day — they help build community through shared interests and across grade levels.

5. There is a co-curricular for everyone to explore their passions or try something new!

Why should a student participate in co-curriculars?

1. Positive benefits to her academic record.

2. A greater sense of belonging to the school community.

3. Practice personal and professional leadership development while gaining a sense of confidence in a safe space.

4. Healthier, more balanced behaviors.

5. Positive results in college and beyond.

6. Enhanced development in life skills.

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