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The Marian Scholars Program at DSHA is a student-centered, inclusive education program for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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At DSHA, each girl’s schedule is carefully designed with input from parents/guardians, teachers, and the girls themselves. Every girl in the Marian Scholars Program has a schedule that includes a mixture of general education academic and elective classes, as well as special education classes in reading, writing, and math that are specifically designed for students in the program.

Marian Scholars | Sample Freshman Schedule

1st period | Reading and Writing Resource*
2nd period | Math Resource*
3rd period | College Prep English I
4th period | Foundational Fitness / Freshman Wellness
5th period | Cultures and Civilizations
6th period | The Bible: The Living Word of God
7th period | Art Foundations
8th period | World Language

* Classes designed and taught specifically for students in the Marian Scholars Program.


During the girls’ junior and senior years at DSHA, they will work closely with teachers and counselors to explore their post high school options.

The Marian Scholars Program will culminate in achieving a certificate of completion and participation in the commencement ceremony.

Scholarships & the Marian Scholars Program

For more information, including Marian Scholars admissions, contact:

Mary Anderson

Director of Marian Scholars
(414) 462-3742, Ext. 3881

Gretchen Caraher

Marian Scholars Faculty
(414) 462-3742, Ext. 3883


Students in the Marian Scholars Program pay the same tuition and fees as other students.

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  • Special Needs Scholarship Program | for all Marian Scholar families

    DSHA participates in the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction's Special Needs Scholarship Program. We are committed to each and every student, and the state funds from these scholarships will be applied to offset the unique costs for the program. As in almost every private school there is a gap in the cost of education for every student between what is charged for tuition and the true cost of educating the student.  At DSHA, the gap is quite a bit larger for our Marian Scholars, as our staffing, curricular materials, and assessment tools go above and beyond the traditional academic program. 
    DSHA will share the program forms with you, ask you to complete them, and return them to Marian Scholars Program Director Mary Anderson. DSHA is then responsible for processing the forms with your individual school districts and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. 
  • Financial Aid | for Marian Scholar families seeking tuition assistance

    We are committed to supporting our Marian Scholars and their families in every way possible to keep our program strong and successful.  If you are in need of assistance with tuition, you MUST fill out a financial aid application. If you do not fill out the application for Financial Aid, you will be expected to pay full tuition.
    If you are in need of financial aid, please fill out the application online as soon as possible.  We are currently determining financial aid for the 2022 – 2023 school year, and will need your application for consideration. Financial aid information can be found here , or you can reach out to Ann Duffy, Director of Admissions and Financial Aid,
  • Choice Eligibilty

    Because this is not a diploma program and because DSHA participates in the Special Needs Scholarship Program, Marian Scholars are not eligible via the Milwaukee Parental School Choice program.

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