Scholarships & Financial Aid

DSHA is committed to offering merit and need-based scholarships, as well as other forms of financial aid in order to:
  • Provide an outstanding college-preparatory, Catholic education to qualified students regardless of a family's financial circumstances.
  • Enroll the strongest student body possible – including a financial and mission-based commitment to a diverse group of young women with different gifts, perspectives, and life experiences.

Need-Based Scholarships & Financial Aid

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  • Do I qualify for financial aid?

    Aid is determined upon careful evaluation of a family’s financial situation and may be renewed each year, provided family circumstances remain the same.

    Factors including income, number of children, amount of tuition paid at other schools, and other life expenses and circumstances are taken into consideration.
  • How do I apply?

    Families interested in need-based financial aid must complete a financial aid application through Blackbaud Financial Aid Management — DSHA's financial aid management software provider.

    Instructions for the application are here.
  • When do I apply?

    Incoming families | Incoming freshman families must apply for financial aid in the fall during the admissions application period. The online application is available September 8-November 3, 2023. Applications must be complete by the November 3 deadline to be eligible for need-based financial assistance. Awards will be sent with admissions decisions in January 2024.

    Families who are interested in the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program (MPCP) should also complete a financial aid application in November. DSHA participates in the February open enrollment period for MPCP. 

    Current families | Families of rising sophomores - seniors must reapply for aid between February 1 - March 15, 2024. 2023 tax information is needed to complete the application. Applications must be completed by the March 15 deadline to be eligible for need-based financial assistance. Financial aid awards will be sent late April 2024.
  • Is financial aid available for non-tuition items and offerings?

    DSHA has resources available to help families who qualify with the costs associated with the following items:
    • ACT fee
    • AP exam fee
    • Books
    • College application fees
    • College bus trip
    • Dance tickets
    • Bus tickets
    • Select co-curricular activities
    • Dresses for formal dances
    • Graduation dresses and white gloves
    • Lunch
    • Overnight trips including Campus Ministry retreats and world language study trips
    • Uniforms
  • Milwaukee Parental Choice Program (MPCP)

    The Milwaukee Parental Choice Program (MPCP) provides renewable vouchers for tuition, fees, and textbooks for families who live in the City of Milwaukee and meet the program’s income criteria. DSHA participates in the February open application period.
    Applications for the February open application period for the 2024-25 school year are available on February 1, 2024 and are due on or before February 20, 2024.

    Click here for more information about MPCP.

    Incoming freshman families who plan to apply for MPCP should also submit a financial aid application in the fall. 
  • Catholic School Personnel Grant

    In appreciation of and to help provide a Catholic education for the children of Catholic school employees, DSHA offers a Catholic School Personnel Grant (CSPG) as tuition reduction of up to $1,500 for their daughters.

    To be eligible, one must be employed by a Catholic elementary or secondary school in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee at the time the application is submitted. 

    This grant is renewable; an application must be submitted each year. 

    Both incoming and current families will submit the application between January-March.
  • DSHA Tuition Tax Credit

    Wisconsin parents/guardians are eligible for a maximum deduction of $4,000/child in grades K-8 and $10,000/child grades 9-12 for eligible payments made during the calendar year. Students transitioning from 8th to 9th grade are eligible for a combined deduction up to $10,000. Amounts paid to the private school for tuition and some fees qualify for this deduction. We suggest you contact your tax professional to see how this credit impacts you.

    The DSHA identifying number (FEIN) is 39-0929898. 
  • 10-Month Payment Plan

    10 Month Payment Plan 
    (3.5% nonrefundable processing fee)

    • Ten monthly payments are made between July 15 and April 15.
    • This option includes a nonrefundable payment processing fee of 3.5% of the payment plan amount.
    • Down payments received before July 15 will not be subject to the 3.5% processing fee.

Merit-Based Scholarships | Freshman Year (apply in 8th grade)

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  • Beacon Scholarship

    This scholarship provides a renewable full-tuition scholarship to at least one young woman of color in the Milwaukee-area. 

    Incoming freshmen who meet the following criteria are eligible: 
    • Score of 50ᵗʰ percentile or higher on the DSHA Entrance Exam and/or 50ᵗʰ percentile on a national standardized test during the spring of 7th grade or 8ᵗʰ grade year.
    • Recommendation by middle school teachers or administrators showing strong potential for success in a rigorous, college preparatory environment. DSHA will use the recommendation forms submitted during the admissions process. 
    • Demonstrated strong commitment by the students and parents as indicated through the scholarship application process.
    • Strong record of achievement in middle school.
    • Would benefit from a high school alternative that would allow the student to continue a rigorous, college preparatory environment and thrive with similarly motivated academic peers.
    • Demonstrated financial need by completing DSHA's financial aid application.

    Students interested in the Beacon scholarship should review the above criteria and complete the following by Friday, November 3, 2023: 

    - the DSHA admissions application
    - the Beacon application
    - the DSHA financial aid application

    Click here for the class of 2028 Beacon scholarship application. 
  • Centennial Scholarship

    This award is for the student (or students) with the highest DSHA entrance exam score. Awards are $3,000 and are renewable based on academic performance at DSHA.

    No extra application is required.
  • Horizon Caddie Scholarship

    This scholarship provides a renewable scholarship that covers 90% of tuition to one incoming freshman who has demonstrated financial need and resides in the Greater Milwaukee area.
    Eligible students applying for this scholarship must meet the following criteria:
    • A DSHA entrance exam score above the 90th percentile.
    • A strong recommendation from middle school teachers.
    • Demonstrated commitment by the student and parents as indicated through an interview.

    This scholarship is available to incoming freshmen.

    The application is available in January after acceptance.
  • Leadership & Service Scholarship

    These awards are based on outstanding leadership in school, parish, or community and/or demonstrated accomplishment in volunteering and service to the community. Applicants for these awards should go above and beyond their required school service requirement.

    Awards are between $500-$1,000 and are non-renewable. 
    To be eligible, incoming freshmen must complete an application. Applications are available in January after acceptance. 

Merit-Based Scholarships | Sophomore - Senior Years

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  • Alumnae Service Scholarship

    DSHA’s alumnae are committed to honoring our Catholic tradition of service, and therefore wants to recognize the tremendous impact of student efforts to serve the poor and vulnerable — a tradition fostered at Holy Angels Academy, Divine Savior High School, and is currently a hallmark of the student service experience at DSHA. All sophomores and juniors may apply, this scholarship is awarded to one student.
    Award: At least $4,000
  • Beatrice M. Haggerty Scholarship

    The Beatrice Haggerty Scholarship was established in 1994 by Beatrice Menne (Menay) Haggerty who was an alumna of Holy Angels Academy class of 1931.  Following her education at Holy Angels Academy, Beatrice received a BA at Mount Mary College and a Masters Degree in Social Work from Loyola University in Chicago.  She participated in many civic and social organizations and received numerous honors during her long, successful life.  Her husband, Patrick Haggerty, was one of the Founders of Texas Instruments.  Her great-granddaughter graduated in the DSHA Class of 2010.  One sophomore and one junior receive the award based on TSC recommendations. 

    *The Beatrice Haggerty Scholarship will provide two scholarships, one to a sophomore and one to a junior who demonstrate outstanding achievement in math and science, display leadership skills and are involved in extra-curricular and community service activities.
  • Dashers Outstanding Pro-Life Advocate Scholarship

    The Dashers Outstanding Pro-Life Advocate Scholarship was established in 2022 to be awarded annually to one student who has demonstrated her commitment to advocate for the unborn and serve the needs of expecting mothers. This includes, but is not limited to, membership in the Respect Life co-curricular, participation in pro-life events facilitated by DSHA, and/or service opportunities promoting pro-life initiatives.
    The scholarship is awarded to one student entering her sophomore, junior, or senior year, meets the criteria stated, submits a short essay reflecting on experiences as a pro-life advocate, shows her intention to further the pro-life mission at DSHA, and provides two letters of recommendation. A committee blindly reviews and selects the scholarship recipient based on that student’s merits.
  • Dr. Angela T. Pienkos Scholarship

    The Angela T. Pienkos Scholarship was established in 1998 by friends of DSHA to honor Dr. Pienkos for her advocacy of single-sex education for girls.  Dr. Pienkos, an alumna of Divine Savior High School Class of 1958, was DSHA’s Chief Administrator for twenty-one years.  Dr. Pienkos has a special interest in history and chose to devote her scholarship to students with outstanding achievement in Social Studies.

    One junior who excels at and demonstrates interest in Social Studies is selected by the Social Studies Department.
  • Edna Jensen Fine Arts Scholarship

    This scholarship was established by Edna Zadravetz Jensen, Class of Holy Angels 1933.  Of her high school experience, Edna is quoted as saying, “The Sisters instilled in us the all-important virtues of self-respect and respect for others.  I am convinced that an all girls high school enables girls to develop a higher self-esteem and I’m very grateful for the opportunities that I had at Holy Angels.”

    It was Mrs. Jensen’s desire to assist a student who shows talent and promise in an area of the fine arts. One sophomore or junior is selected by the Fine Arts Department.
  • Public Policy Scholarship

    The Public Policy Scholarship honors Mary Mross, a highly respected and well-loved social studies teacher who retired from DSHA in 2001. In her more than three decades of teaching, her passion for American government and civic engagement motivated and shaped the career choice of a number of alumnae. The scholarship was established by a group of passionate alumnae and was first awarded in May 2013. The scholarship recognizes a DSHA student who shares Ms. Mross’ passion for public policy and is to be used toward her tuition for the next academic year.
    The scholarship will be awarded to the DSHA student who writes and submits the most compelling essay and statement of goals. The essay and the statement should illustrate depth of understanding and your present and future commitment to public policy issues, as well as your commitment to fulfill DSHA’s goal of educating women who will live lives that will make a difference.  All sophomores and juniors are encouraged to apply. Traditionally awarded to one student.  Applications will be judged based on who articulates her answers best, not who has the best position.

    Award: $1,500
  • Sarah M. Hegarty Memorial Scholarship

    This scholarship is a special tribute to a very courageous young woman, Sarah Hegarty.  Sarah was a member of the DSHA class of 1998 and an extraordinary athlete.  She became ill in the spring of her sophomore year, underwent numerous surgeries and passed away during her senior year at age 17 shortly after receiving a triple organ transplant.  During Sarah’s two-year illness, she taught the meaning of faith, courage, and humor to all who knew her.  In turn, her classmates learned lessons in integrity, determination and friendship.

    The Sarah M. Hegarty Memorial Scholarship is an annual award established by the Hegarty family at the time of Sarah’s death.  Memorial donations built the fund that supports this annual scholarship that is given in memory of Sarah and what she meant to this school community.  As such, it is a wonderful tribute to Sarah that will live forever. From a list of eligible juniors, the faculty and staff nominate five candidates and the junior class votes to select the recipient.   

    The Sarah M. Hegarty Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a junior who will benefit from tuition support and:
    • exhibits leadership qualities
    • is strongly goal oriented
    • a person of strong character who is willing to reach out to     all groups of people
    • is friendly and outgoing
    • has an acceptable academic grade point
    • and exhibits an interest in co-curricular activities

    Award: One-fourth tuition award for senior year
  • The Woman of Character Scholarship

    The Paul and Christina Scoptur Family established the DSHA Woman of Character Scholarship in 2007.  Paul and Chris are the parents of Kate, DSHA class of 2004, and Ali, DSHA class of 2008.  Chris is an alumna of Holy Angels Academy class of 1970.  Paul and Chris recognize that as peers you are role models to one another.  Faculty and staff have selected one student from each class who represents the DSHA Woman of Character criteria: a proactive and dynamic student who is: 
    • an enthusiastic learner inside and outside of the classroom
    • a bold explorer willing to go out of her comfort zone
    • a courageous achiever
    • and a community builder within our high school
    One freshman, one sophomore, and one junior are selected by TSC recommendations.

For questions or more information, contact:

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  • Ann Duffy, DSHA '10

    Director of Admissions & Financial Aid | 414.616.2805

Tuition & Fees

Tuition for the 2023-24 school year is $16,380. This does not include books, uniforms or fees. 

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