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Service is at the heart and root of the DSHA faith formation experience. Through serving people experiencing hunger, economic disadvantage, illness, isolation, and those with special needs, students live out their faith, rooted in the goodness and kindness of Jesus. Upon graduation, each student will have completed the Salvatorian Service Requirement, participating in a minimum number of service hours each year.

DSHA students have the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the city of Milwaukee through opportunities such as serving those with special needs through Easter Seals, visiting the elderly at care facilities, organizing food collections on campus, and tutoring in an urban school setting.

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Matthew 25:40

‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

Service Requirement

Service to others is an essential part of the message of Jesus, and thus our Catholic faith. Jesus, in His love and compassion for the poor and the outcast, said what we do to the least among us, we do to Him (Matthew 25:40). In a special way, the spiritual foundation of the Sisters of the Divine Savior calls us to serve as Jesus served.

The DSHA graduation service requirement is an important component of faith development as well as a means to build character, develop leadership and communication skills, and give students critical insight into the needs of the community. It calls students to be of service to people experiencing hunger, economic disadvantage, illness, isolation, or special needs (physical, emotional, developmental, etc.). Our Catholic values, grounded in our Salvatorian identity, are evident in the daily service of our school community and lead our students to a greater awareness of their responsibility to act for justice and serve the needs of others.

DSHA’s Unique Service Program

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    Students are required to do a greater amount of service each year at DSHA. As a student grows in understanding of service, she is required to do more. This culminates in Vocare, a two-week service immersion experience during her senior year. 

    x2VOL, our service tracking program, provides many group service opportunities; however, students are also encouraged to be independent in volunteering so they learn how to take initiative in new situations. The process of locating service, attending either on one’s own or with a small group of people, and tracking service builds life skills that will serve students well in college and beyond. 

    An important component of the DSHA service requirement is prayer and reflection. Students dedicate time to reflect on every service opportunity they have while at DSHA. True appreciation of service comes not just from the experience, but also from reflection on the events, their relation to spiritual values, and an active engagement in the work that God is calling us to do in the future. 

    The Sisters of the Divine Savior, our sponsoring order, give their lives in service to those most in need. DSHA‘s service requirement calls students to be of service to people experiencing hunger, economic disadvantage, illness, isolation, or special needs (physical, emotional, developmental, etc.). 

Service Requirement by Grade

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  • Freshmen

    Freshman Service Day + 5 additional hours of service
  • Sophomores

    15 hours of service
  • Juniors

    20 hours of service
  • Seniors

    Service through Vocare

Salvatorian Sisters’ Service Award

Divine Savior Holy Angels High School’s service requirement is a direct reflection of our mission to develop the whole person, rooted in the goodness and kindness of Christ. The Salvatorian Sisters’ Service Award recognizes students who have embodied that mission by consistently embracing the call to serve others beyond the graduation service requirement throughout their four years at DSHA. This award is given by the Sisters of the Divine Savior in acknowledgement of the young woman the student has become, as well as the ways their ethic of loving service will continue to transform the world. 

  • Complete 120+ hours of service freshman through junior years. All service hours, including parish, place of worship, DSHA, summer service, and mission trips can be applied to this cumulative goal and must be submitted, verified, and approved through x2VOL. 
  • Complete 20+ hours of ongoing service during senior year between the first day of school and the last day of the fall semester. At least 10 of these hours must be at one site.

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