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Vocare: Latin for "to draw forth, to call"

DSHA’s immersion experience, Vocare, is the capstone of each student’s four years of service. Each DSHA senior serves for two full weeks in the greater Milwaukee community.  By working alongside the elderly, children, or those with special needs, each senior experiences firsthand many of the critical issues facing our society and gains a deeper understanding of how she can utilize her God-given gifts and talents in service to others.
Vocare helps integrate the true meaning of what it means to be a Dasher – believer, self-advocate, critical thinker, communicator, and leader. 

For more information, contact:

Dr. Katie Daily Pickart, DSHA '84
Director of Salvatorian Service 

Vocare Prayer

Teach Me to Be a Blessing
God of compassion, teach me to be a blessing.
When I hesitate to be with another, strengthen me.
When I question the quality of my presence, assure me.
When I want to show my worth through action, humble me.
When I miss the needs of the one who suffers, awaken me.
When I forget the beauty of a loving presence, remind me.
When I run away from the call to be there, bring me back.
Teach me to be a blessing.

Past Vocare Service Sites

Alexian Village
Curative Care
Blessed Sacrament School
Bruce Guadalupe School
Elizabeth Residence
Catholic Charities
Easter Seals
House of Peace
Luther Manor
Milwaukee Catholic Home
Milwaukee College Prep
Neighborhood House
Northwest Catholic School
Penfield Children’s Center
Silver Spring Neighborhood Center
St. Ann’s Center for Intergenerational Care
St. Anne’s Salvatorian Campus
Starms Early Education Center

Vocare Policies

List of 6 items.

  • Absence Policy

    Normal hours are 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. unless the site has specified otherwise. If a student is sick when she is scheduled to be at her site, both the service site and the attendance line at DSHA must be contacted to inform them of her absence.
  • Attire

    Dress in DSHA official polo and business casual pants (khakis, dress pants, etc.).  No skirts, jeans, sweats, leggings, or shorts.
  • Cell Phone Policy

    Students may bring a cell phone to their site; however, it may not be visible and may be used only in the case of an emergency and/or to take photos approved by a service site supervisor.
  • Homework Policy

    Seniors participating in Vocare cannot be held accountable for work completed by other students in class during their absence, nor can they be made to feel as though they are behind once they return to school. Homework is not to be assigned during Vocare; the focused mission-centered work of Vocare is meant to be the priority and the student service experience during this time is designed to be all-encompassing. Students in AP courses may be allowed to continue reading minimal course material so as not to create an undue burden for themselves upon return, but even AP teachers are required to scale back expectations of students during the Vocare service immersion experience.
  • Photos

    Students should ask their service site if they may take pictures 1) for use through DSHA and 2) for personal use. Students are asked to not post pictures from Vocare on their personal social media accounts without express permission from their site supervisor.  Campus Ministry would love to see pictures from service sites if students are given permission. Photos can be emailed to
  • Snow Policy

    If DSHA closes due to severe weather, students should not report to their service site; however, they must contact their service sites to inform them.

Madi, Class of 2018 | Served at 92nd Street Curative Care

Vocare was a wake-up call that my faith life desperately needed. I learned that letting go and letting God is truly one of the most remarkable things you can do for yourself. You may not know where you belong or what you should be doing, but by putting your faith and trust in God, He will lead you to places you had no idea you were needed. 

Kiomara, Class of 2018 | Served at Kagel Elementary of Milwaukee

Even though Vocare was only two short weeks, I knew that God was calling me to help and serve in the community. After this experience, my desire to become a therapist and work with young adolescents who are struggling has grown even stronger. I hope to create a supportive environment for kids and become the person that they can look up to, and help them realize that their circumstances do not define them, but God’s love, patience, and desire for their success does.



Marina, Class of 2018 | Served at Easter Seals

The main goal of Vocare is to immerse us into the community and see where God is present outside of our normal routines. While I was immersed into the community, I gained so much more from this experience than what I could have possibly done for the adults at the day-center. Vocare gave us the opportunity to learn about the importance of being passionate for other people, learn to appreciate the many blessings in our lives, and to see how God truly is present in every person regardless of whether they are different from us.

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