School closed today, 1/23/19, due to snow event.

Dear DSHA Community,
This message is to inform you that school is closed today due to the current snow event that is impacting road conditions throughout the metro Milwaukee area.
The following information pertains to our seniors participating in Vocare.
Vocare Snow Policy
Students are not required to report for Vocare if DSHA is closed due to severe weather. They are, however, required to contact their site to inform them of the snow day. They do not need to make up these hours. If a student’s Vocare site is officially closed due to severe weather, they are not to report to their site and will not need to make up those hours. If DSHA is open and the Vocare site is open, students are required to serve at their site.
 We look forward to seeing everyone back at school tomorrow!
Dan Quesnell

Whole-Person Education


While grounded in its 126-year tradition, DSHA is committed to a progressive, innovative, and integrated approach to education. Highly intentional about all aspects of the DSHA experience, the school recognizes the imperative to combine strong academics and superb college preparation with a deliberate and successful commitment to the development of the whole person.
The result: a school-wide commitment to grounding students in an understanding of and ability to manage their own wellness – intellectual, spiritual, physical, emotional, and social during high school years and beyond. Woven into both the curriculum and co-curricular program, this approach makes a life-long impact on the formation of each student.



From the rigorous academic curriculum and schedule suited to optimal learning, to the ALPHA Center and electives where students get to explore their passions, the DSHA academic environment is structured to prepare students for the college experience.


Whether planning for an all-school Mass in the Campus Ministry Center or leading peers in a small group on retreat, serving through VOCARE or taking a Wellness hour to pray, DSHA offers a variety of integrated options for spiritual growth.


Consistent, built-in exercise over four years is integrated such that students reap the benefits of daily physical activity. This leads to sustained academic focus and performance, stress and anxiety reduction, improved sleep and additional physical, social and emotional benefits.


With the implementation of Dasher Time, students have deliberate, built-in opportunities to explore their passions through participation in a wide range of clubs, activities and student groups – during the school day. Students work together and serve one another through these offerings, benefiting from collaboration across a variety of disciplines – from robotics and social justice, to ministry opportunities and forensics.


With access to counselors – without missing class time – students are given more specific opportunities for growth in the Qualities of a DSHA Graduate, while Freshmen Seminar equips girls to make the most of their time at DSHA. In addition, Student Services distinguishes College Advising from School Counseling, so counselors are free to focus on the individual needs of each student.

Heather Moran Mansfield, Ph.D., DSHA Academic Dean

"Whole Person Education is the most comprehensive approach that education professionals practice today. This approach merges the most progressive medical, behavioral, and educational research about learning and connects this research to methodology in our classrooms, on our playing fields and in our service. At DSHA we go one step further, by researching, identifying and then deliberately applying how adolescent girls learn and thrive in an educational environment, opening far-reaching possibilities for personal and professional growth for every girl. At DSHA, a whole person education framework commits all of us to the most rigorous and extensive development of a student focused on her whole being: intellectual, spiritual, physical, social and emotional. Indeed, we are educating by “lighting a fire…not by filling a pail.”

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