All DSHA students are required to abide by the following uniform regulations. Lands’ End is our exclusive vendor. All items must be clean, in good repair, and of appropriate length and fit. Uniform pieces may not be creatively altered in any way; this includes the skirt, pants, shorts, and shirts.

Questions? Contact:

Rachel Fredricks
Dean of Student Affairs

Uniform Specifications

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  • Skirts

    • Skirts must reach or exceed your fingertips when both arms are extended straight down.
    • Uniform skirts
      • Freshmen/Sophomores: gray with narrow plaid pattern
      • Juniors/Seniors: gray with wide plaid pattern
    • Athletic shorts underneath uniform skirt (must not be visible)
    • Solid black or navy blue tights or leggings (no flared leggings, patterns, textures, sheer designs/cut-outs, or additional colors of any kind or size permitted)
    • Students may not wear pants of any kind (including yoga pants, athletic pants, joggers, or sweatpants) or mid-calf length tights/leggings underneath the uniform skirt.
  • Shirts

    • Burgundy, navy blue, or white collared polo shirts, short-sleeved or long-sleeved, with the DSHA logo
    • White, Navy Blue, Burgundy, black or gray undershirts under DSHA polos
    • A DSHA polo must be worn at all times, including under sweaters (vests, cardigans, pullovers), fleeces (jackets, pullovers), and sweatshirts.
  • Sweaters, Sweatshirts, and Fleeces

    • Sweaters, jackets, cardigans, or sweater vests in navy blue or burgundy with the DSHA logo 
    • All sweaters on the DSHA Lands’ End page meet uniform policy requirements.
    • Crewneck long-sleeved sweatshirts in navy blue or burgundy with the DSHA logo
    • Half-zip long-sleeved sweatshirts in navy blue or burgundy with the DSHA logo
    • Half-zip long-sleeved fleeces in navy blue or burgundy with the DSHA logo
    • Fleece jacket in navy blue or burgundy with DSHA logo
  • Blazer

    • Navy blue blazer with the DSHA crest
  • Pants

    • Full-length navy blue or tan khaki, chino, or dress pants (no denim, leggings, stretch pants, cargo pants, sweatpants, or capri pants)
    • Pants may be purchased from the vendor of your choice, department store, etc. The pants on the DSHA Lands’ End page meet uniform policy requirements.
  • Shorts

    • Navy blue or tan khaki, chino, or dress shorts (no denim, athletic/spandex shorts, or cargo shorts)
    • Shorts may not be more than four inches above the knee.
    • Shorts may only be worn during August, September, October, November, April, and May.
    • Shorts may be purchased from the vendor of your choice, department store, etc. The shorts on the DSHA Lands’ End page meet uniform policy requirements.
  • Shoes

    • Clean and without holes
    • Shoes must be worn at all times.
    • Flip-flops, slippers, high heels over 2”, and/or other shoes that may pose a safety hazard are not allowed.
  • Fitness

    During all Fitness classes, students must wear the following DSHA approved uniform pieces. The fitness uniform is not acceptable to wear during any other class period other than fitness. Likewise, school uniform pieces are not acceptable fitness wear.

    • DSHA fitness shorts or sweatpants purchased from the Lands’ End website (black or red mesh, mesh athletic or piped athletic shorts)
    • DSHA club, co-curricular, sport, or spirit wear shorts or sweatpants
    • School appropriate sweatpants
    • Fitness shorts of appropriate length
    • DSHA fitness t-shirts available from the Lands’ End website
    • DSHA club, co-curricular, sport or spirit wear short- or long-sleeved t-shirts
    • DSHA sweatshirts from the Lands’ End website
    • DSHA club, co-curricular, sport, or spirit wear sweatshirts
    • Students must wear an appropriate athletic shoe in order to participate in class.
    • Fashionable shoes that do not support feet/ankles are not acceptable (e.g., Chuck Taylors, Keds, Vans).

Why DSHA Has a Uniform Policy

DSHA has a uniform policy for many reasons. Research has shown that improved attendance and academic achievement are associated with school uniforms. Additionally, DSHA values uniforms for the school community because wearing them accomplishes the following:

  • Encourages school pride and unity
  • Serves as a symbol of DSHA and its commitment to academic achievement and service to the community
  • Creates a sense of belonging and identity
  • Prepares students to select and wear professional attire in their future careers
  • Minimizes peer pressure and social conflict related to clothing, appearance, and status
  • Lowers clothing costs for families
  • Emphasizes a focus on academics without the distraction of appearances
  • Prevents bullying related to clothing as a status symbol
  • Eases the stress of daily routines
  • Fosters better behavior through greater respect for the learning atmosphere
  • Promotes creativity through personality and academic achievement as opposed to material possessions

FAQ on Lands' End: DSHA's Exclusive Uniform Vendor

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  • How do I shop for school uniforms at Lands’ End?

    Click here to order uniforms from Lands' End. Start shopping with your personalized product checklist by gender and grade.

    Call 1-800-469-2222 and reference our Preferred School Number 900165796 (or school name), grade level, and gender. The Lands’ End team of consultants is available 24/7 for assistance.
  • What do I do if my skirt doesn't arrive until after the first day of school?

    Check in with the Main Office or Ms. Brock and show your receipt. You will be given a special pass for your skirt only! You must be in uniform in every other way, including wearing a DSHA polo shirt.
  • Does Lands’ End offer cost saving promotions?

    Yes! Sign up for exclusive email promotions at www.landsend.com/school. Here are a few examples of promotions Lands’ End offers: 25% Off, 30% Off, Free Logos, $30 Off $100 Order – plus Free Shipping on all orders over $50 every day!
  • What is the return policy at Lands’ End?

    The Lands’ End guarantee has always been an unconditional one. It reads: “If you’re not satisfied with any item, simply return it to us at any time for an exchange or refund of its purchase price.” Even if the item has been embroidered, washed, or worn, it can always be returned. Guaranteed. Period.
  • How long does it take for my school uniform order to ship?

    All orders are shipped within 7 -10 business days! If you are in a pinch, Lands’ End can expedite shipping, or you can work with them for special arrangements.
    All backordered skirts will automatically receive expedited shipping at no cost to you.
  • How do I get measured for my uniform?

    Visit the Lands’ End shop at Sears located at Brookfield Square to try on like products. A Lands’ End associate can help with sizing information, and you can place your order online at the store kiosk. Please note, the store may have a limited product assortment. No logo merchandise is available in the store. Lands’ End also recommends you call 1-800-469-2222 to speak with a sizing consultant if you need assistance any time of day. Lands' End is located at 222 Exton Square Mall Brookfield, WI 53005 – (262) 796-5304.

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