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Divine Savior Holy Angel’s “Mosaic” program is an annual tradition in which the senior class pledges to give back to DSHA in gratitude for the past four years and to pay it forward to the next generation of Dashers.
At a special assembly led by their class spokeswomen, all seniors are asked to make a four-year Mosaic pledge. The first gift of $5 is made in their freshman year of college. In year two, it is $10, then $15, and then $20 for a total pledge of $50. The math comes to less than 4 cents a day: 4 cents a day for DSHA!
During the assembly, the senior class spokeswomen shared why they give back through Mosaic.
Mia Helbig, DSHA ‘19:
"Throughout my four years here, DSHA has given me so much. I’ve been presented with countless opportunities for growth as a young woman not only in character, but in faith. When people ask me how DSHA changed me as a person, and I always tell them that DSHA gave me my faith. Through retreats, all school masses, and Campus Ministry as a whole, DSHA inspired a connection to God within me. This important connection I discovered has been an anchor throughout the entirety of my high school career, and I give the DSHA community much credit for allowing and encouraging me to explore my faith and connection to God. I decided to give to Mosaic to ensure that girls like me are able to come to DSHA and discover their faith and be inspired by the faith filled community that is DSHA. DSHA has given me so much, so I believe it’s just that I give a little something back."
Maura Brennan, DSHA ‘19:
"I give back to DSHA because nowhere has taught me more about giving back to the world; only this school would have allowed me to try and learn all that I am passionate about with girls equally dedicated, but also do so through a lens of service and with future contributions to our city and world in mind. DSHA has given me so much and being able to contribute to the future of other Dashers, adding to this community, is a privilege."
Bridget Flyke, DSHA ‘19:
"DSHA has given me the opportunity to explore my passions, whether it be academically or through co-curriculars. Because of this opportunity, I have been able to come to learn who I am. Every young woman deserves the chance to flourish, and to be in an environment where they are genuinely cared for. DSHA provides that environment, and by giving back we are able to help ensure that young women in Milwaukee are given not only a quality education, but a high school experience that allows them to develop their personality and character, in order to be the best possible version of themselves."
Bella Montgomery, DSHA ‘19:
"I give because DSHA made me who I am today. The confident and capable young woman you know, was formed from the rigorous academics, past leadership positions, and the wonderful retreats I experienced while at DSHA. I want to ensure that all girls, regardless of color or creed, have the same opportunities that were presented to me."
Abby Urban, DSHA ‘19:
"I give to DSHA because DSHA has given so much to me. Through this school, I have a community and a family. I have a chance to grow my faith through Campus Ministry and pursue my interests in the fine arts. DSHA has given me the opportunity to discover what is most important to me, and I will be forever grateful for that."
Fernanda Villalaz, DSHA ‘19:
"I give because I want girls, like myself who come from a low-income family to have all of the amazing opportunities that DSHA has offer without money being a burden."
Join the Class of 2019 in their commitment to give back at dsha.info/give.
    • Mia Helbig, DSHA '19

    • Maura Brennan, DSHA '19

    • Bridget Flyke, DSHA '19

    • Bella Montgomery, DSHA '19

    • Abby Urban, DSHA '19

    • Fernanda Villalaz, DSHA '19 (left)

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