Rugby Program Mission Statement

DSHA rugby teaches student-athletes that together if they make the choice to work hard, pursue excellence, and be committed to each other both on and off the field, everything is attainable as capable and confident young ladies.

Pillars of the Rugby Program

  • Excellence
  • Faith
  • Community
  • Education
  • Tradition

2018 Team Vision Statement

The rugby team vision is to help student-athletes develop the necessary skills to fulfill their potential in whatever they seek to become in life.

2018 Fall Rugby

Fall 2018 Rugby Roster

Stephanie Alanis
Georgia Barczak 
Julia Basurto-Gutierrez  
Sarah Brennan  
Gabrielle Brousseau 
Sierra Cannon  
Morgan Casetta
Ximena Cavazos
Nora Clossey  
Madeline Connell
Margaret Dineen 
Fiona Gallagher 
Annabella Garczynski 
Adriana Gonzalez 
Grace Grahek 

Jasmine House
Rose Ingrisano
Jaclyn Jarosz
Emma Kaczynski 
Savanna Kaczynski
Abigail Kayser
Soraya Keiser
Jenna Klenz  
Jonna Lareau 
Margaret Leffler  
Mackenzi Lemke 
Sofia Luciano
Elizabeth Merz  
Lucy Mueller 


Lillian Nation
Natalia Perez
Savannah Peterson
Mary Poblocki
Halle Quadracci
Eleanor Rehmann
Madelynn Schmidt  
Greta Schroeder
Sonia Spitz   
Fernanda Villalaz 
Maura Walsh   
Makinzie Youngblood 
Kieran Zalewski  
Sidney Zaug


Home Field Location

Home rugby games take place at Dretzka Park (12020 W Bradley Rd, Milwaukee, WI 53224).

Coaching Staff:

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