Varsity Rugby A-Side Team Brings Home 10th National Title

Spring Semester 2023 of The Word Magazine
The DSHA Varsity Rugby team added another exciting and successful season to the DSHA Rugby program’s impressive resume.

They began the spring season the weekend of April 29-30. Over the course of the weekend, they beat Penn High School 46-0, St. Joseph Academy 41-0, and Sparta Rock Academy 31-29 to bring home the Midwest Championship Title.

They moved on to compete in the Single School National Tournament in Cottage Grove, WI from May 20-21 where they proved, once again, they were a force to be reckoned with. On May 20, they took on Grandville High School from Michigan in the quarter finals and won 27-5. Later that day, they competed against Catholic Memorial in the semi-finals and won 57-7. On May 21, the Dashers defeated Rocky Mountain of Idaho 32-10 to bring home the Single School National Invitational Championship, the 10th for the program.

Varsity Head Coach John “Chin” Klein spoke with Fox6News Milwaukee about the continued success of the team. He stated, "You come here with an expectation to be great, and every year, I tell them that I want them to be the best team that there ever has been. Not the best in the country, the best there ever has been, and unless you say it, you can't be it."


"The reason we have had so much success over the years is because we are a family. Every single player gives their all during practice, games, and tournaments because we’re all running for each other. It’s been the best four years I could’ve asked for and I gained a family I will have forever.”
—Mary Czarnecki, DSHA ’23 | Team Captain

"As Team Chaplain, I learned how big of a role God had in how we played. We would pray together as a team before each game, and I believe having that strong connection to Him helped us succeed.”
—Tobie Dahm, DSHA ’23 | Team Chaplain

"As a team, I think we've supported each other in so many ways. We uplift and encourage each other at practice, games, and outside of rugby. If anyone on our team needed help or advice, they could turn to any of their teammates for the support they need.”
—Ellie Gonzalez, DSHA ’23 | Team Captain

"Being on the DSHA Varsity Rugby team the past four years has taught me leadership, collaboration, and the power in playing for something bigger than yourself. I have seen different styles of leadership through our various team captains and learned how to be an effective leader myself. I’ve also learned that you will never have enough want or drive to succeed in something if you are your only motivator. To be successful, you need to be inspired by a moment or person that has affected you. We always ask ourselves ‘who do you run for?’ and I run for my parents.”
—Yesenia Morales, DSHA ’23 | Team Captain

"The biggest piece of advice I have for next year's players is to keep their foot on the gas. As seniors, we left behind an incredible group of players. If they remember that and continue to push themselves to grow, they will continue to be successful in the future.”
—Janie Retzer, DSHA ’23 | Team Captain



Record: 6-0
Total Points Score vs. Opponents: 234 v-51

Dasher Rugby Athletes:

  • Total Dashers in the Program | 50
  • Class of 2023 Players | 12
  • Class of 2024 Players | 24
  • Class of 2025 Players | 6
  • Class of 2026 Players | 8
Full Season Schedule and Results

Midwest Championship Tournament | Elkhart, Indiana
  • April 29 | W, 46-0 vs. Penn High School, Indiana
  • April 29 | W, 41-0 vs. St. Joseph Academy, Ohio
  • April 30 | W, 31-29 vs. Sparta Rock Academy, Michigan
National Championship Tournament | Cottage Grove, WI
  • May 20 | W, 27-5 vs. Grandville High School, Michigan
  • May 20 | W, 57-7 vs. Catholic Memorial, Wisconsin
  • May 21 | W, 32-10 vs. Rocky Mountain, Idaho



All-State Recognitions: Evelyn Coffou, DSHA ’24; Tobie Dahm, DSHA ’23; Sienna Ebo, DSHA ’25; Meghan Finerty, DSHA ’24; Flan O’Keef, DSHA ’24; Yesenia Morales, DSHA ’23; Greta Rehmann, DSHA ’24; Megan Reilly, DSHA ’23; Janie Retzer, DSHA ’23; Melanie Sanchez, DSHA ’24; Madison Turcinovic, DSHA ’24; Meghan Walsh, DSHA ’24

Coaches: John “Chin” Klein, Boris Turcinovic, and Joe Kloiber


DSHA Flag Football Team Dominates Green Bay Packers Flag Football Open

The Green Bay Packers hosted the first ever Packers Girls Flag Football Open on April 1 in Green Bay. All Wisconsin schools were encouraged to apply and DSHA was one of only ten schools chosen. Co-Head Varsity Field Hockey Coach, English Faculty, and Instructional Technology Coordinator Quinn Loucks, and Health & Fitness Faculty Jess Liban took 13 girls to Green Bay, most of whom compete for the nationally competitive DSHA Varsity A-Side Rugby team, to compete in the event. They played three games in a jamboree style format and DSHA won all three games. They defeated Clayton 44-19 in the first game, Milwaukee King 49-13 in the second game, and Wauwayega-Fremont 39-21 in the third game. Out of the 10 teams, DSHA was one of only two schools that went undefeated.
    • The DSHA Rugby A-Side Team secures their 10th National Title.


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