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Special Events is an elected commission of Student Council whose members organize school dances. This commission creates exciting themes for every dance, and maintains good organization of each dance from ticket sales to event set-up and clean-up. 


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Special Events organizes:

  • Welcome Back Dance: September 8, 2018 | grades 9-12 
  • Homecoming Dance: September 29, 2018 | grades 9-12 
  • Halloween Dance: October 19, 2018 | grades 9-12 
  • Sophomore Fling: January 26, 2019 | grade 10
  • Winter Formal: February 2, 2019 | grades 11 & 12
  • Prom: April 13, 2019 | grade 11

Audrey, Class of 2019, Wauwatosa

“I have grown so much as a person through the creative conversations I've had with my commission members. This commission has not only expanded my creativity, but also taught me the importance of organization and loyalty.”

Special Events members must attend:

Full Student Council Meetings:
  • Tuesday, July 31, 2018: Noon - 3 p.m.
  • Sunday, January 13, 2019: Noon - 3 p.m.
  • State Student Council Conference: Sunday, April 28, 2019

Commission Meetings:
  • Specific commission meeting times will be communicated to commission members upon their admittance into Student Council. 

Additional commission-specific or event-planning meetings may be scheduled throughout the year.

Hannah, Class of 2020, Milwaukee

Special Events has helped me feel comfortable sharing ideas with fellow Dashers and I love being able to recognize them in the hallways.

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