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ECOLOGY – 7161
Ecology is the study of the interrelationships between organisms and their environment. We live in an era of expansion where the needs of society are often put up against the needs of the Earth’s flora and fauna. In this class students will discover the wonders of wildlife, their interactions with each other and the environment and how human actions impact the world they live in. Students will use critical thinking, varied forms of communication and problem solving in order to defend decisions regarding current real world concerns. These skills will help students build a global awareness which will empower them to be responsible stewards of the Earth. By the end of this course students will have taken a global tour around Earth’s ecosystem, discovered unique and amazing places and their inhabitants, witnessed the threats to their survival and be prepared to make a difference in their future. Students will have opportunities for indepth learning through the required field trip. The course fee covers materials used and field trip.

10th-12th grade, 1 semester, $50 fee
Prerequisite: Biology or Accelerated Biology

*This course will be offered Semester I only and may be taken independent of other Earth or Environmental Science Course Offerings

Humans need to eat food to survive, but how often do we take time to consider where our food came from, how chemistry plays a role in the way we cook it or how the types of food we put into 42 our body impacts our health and wellness. Using the fields of chemistry, sustainability and nutrition this course will allow students to discover the science and health benefits behind how we grow and cook our food. By the end of the class students will learn how to conduct research, create an experiment, analyze data and write a college level lab report while at the same time learning how science principles are used to prepare nutritious meals to improve your overall health and wellness. As part of this course we will also conduct a lab associated with UW-Milwaukee and present our research posters at the UW-Milwaukee Science Education Research Conference. 

11th-12th grade, 1 semester, $50 fee
Prerequisite: Biology or Accelerated Biology, Chemistry or Honors Chemistry recommended 
     *This course will be offered Semester 1 only and may be taken           independent of other Earth or Environmental Science course            offerings

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