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Students that participate in technical theatre at DSHA learn valuable life skills including collaboration, verbal and non-verbal communication, organization, critical thinking, leadership, and creative expression. Our technical theatre process is both fun and efficient, and students are held to a high level of expectation. The program aims to provide students with a positive and constructive environment. Crew members work hard, produce the best results possible, and take pride in their accomplishments.

Paige, Class of 2021, Colgate

I love watching an audience enjoy a show and think, "we did that!" The feeling of pride in yourself and the other girls is sometimes overwhelming and definitely irreplaceable. I would recommend that any and every student join crew. In what other club can you develop the self advocacy, leadership, critical thinking and communications skills like you can in crew? The DSHA technical theatre program embodies all qualities of a DSHA graduate and will certainly better them in any young woman, no matter how skilled you are. In no other club or activity could I have made the best of friends I have made here. We spend so much time together; we share our stress, pain, joy, and relief, and we come through together and we become stronger together. 

Paola, Class of 2020, Milwaukee

In one word, crew would definitely have to be 'ambitious.' At crew, we design, create and run performances out of our wildest imaginations and in the end, it looks absolutely amazing! This can only be done because of all the passion and hard work my teammates put into each performance and the helpful guidance we get from both our technical and theatre directors. I know with full certainty that whatever obstacles we face in the future, we will be able to overcome them together as a team.

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