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Student Recruiters is an application-based opportunity for a large group of students who represent the many different parts of DSHA (campus ministry, fine arts, athletics, academics, and more!). Their job is to share the good news of DSHA and help recruit new students by sharing their own experience as a Dasher.  
       This group is open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors who submit a completed application. Student recruiters visit area grade schools, serve as tour guides at the annual Open House, host prospective students during school visit days, help at recruitment events, and overall serve as representatives of DSHA to future students!


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Freshmen are eligible to become recruiters in the spring semester and must fill out an application.

Upperclasswomen who do not apply as freshmen may contact Ms. Duffy at any time for an application.

Riley, Class of 2021, Whitefish Bay

"As a Student Recruiter, I've helped DSHA reach out to different girls from different backgrounds to invite them to experience the sense of sisterhood that makes DSHA special."

Requirements & Fees:

Members attend a training workshop in August and an Open House training session in October.


The Student Recruiters mandatory kick-off meeting takes place in early fall. Smaller meetings follow throughout the year and pertain to specific events.

Murphy, Class of 2020, Mequon

As a recruiter, it's very special to possibly be the person to convince a 7th or 8th grader that DSHA is the right school for them. You not only get to promote the school you love, but you get to meet a bunch of really fun girls who you might see in the halls in a couple years. I absolutely love being a Student Recruiter!

Major Events:

  • Grade School Visits: September and October 
  • 8th Grade Visit Days
  • 7th Grade Visit Days
  • Open House
  • Girls Night In
  • Soles for Catholic Education
  • Incoming Freshman Lock-In
  • Incoming Freshman Fun Night

Helen, Class of 2020, Brookfield

Student Recruiters positively impacted my first year of high school by helping me meet and appreciate all the different people who make DSHA the place it is.

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