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Student Athletic Advisory Council

The Student Athletic Advisory Council is comprised of junior and senior student-athletes who represent each athletic and club sport team at DSHA.  The members are recommended by coaches as potential leaders and chosen by the Athletic Director to serve a two-year term.  The purpose of the council is to provide a voice to the student-athlete and create a more streamlined format for student-athlete communication and input regarding program improvement to enhance the athletic experience at DSHA.  Opportunities to enhance leadership skills through open discussion, planning, and execution of tasks help members grow in the Qualities of a DSHA Graduate as well as in the Core Values of the athletic department.


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Logan, Class of 2019, Oconomowoc

"Everyone on the Student Athletic Advisory Council is determined to make their team and DSHA better. It's all about leadership and girl power - we are encouraged to stay positive and to get the student body involved in sports so we can be as successful as possible on and off the field."

Requirements & Fees

Each member of SAAC must attend all meetings and activities, attend five different sporting events in which they do not participate as well as one fine arts performance, and maintain a 3.0 GPA or above.


The SAAC will meet on the following days during the 2019-20 school year. Meetings are held during Early Lunch from 10:57-11:26 in the Board Room.

August 26 (Health room)
September 16
October 28
November 18
January 13
February 10
March 23
April 20

Major Events

  • Students attend the biannual WIAA Sportsmanship Summit in December, in alternation with the Greater Metro Conference Sportsmanship Summit
  • SAAC members take part in leadership training which this year will be online with the daily Character and Leadership app, as well as Brian Cain’s “5-to-thrive” online 5-week course.
  • Each member helps their individual team provide service to the community group of their choice.

Student Athletic Advisory Council actively promotes service among athletic teams...

Anna, Class of 2020, Elm Grove

SAAC is collaborative. The leaders from each team come together as one collective group to better the entire athletic program, and each sport has a voice. I've developed teamwork and leadership through my time as a member!

Jadin, Class of 2020, Pewaukee

Being a part of this council has allowed me to learn the types of coaching techniques, team building activities, and motivation-enhancing strategies that work well in other sports, and to implement them on my own team to help my teammates grow into better and stronger athletes.

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