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Sisters of Culture

The purpose of Sisters of Culture (SOC) is to celebrate the ethnic backgrounds and cultures of the DSHA community.  The club’s mission is to spread awareness and honor all cultures.  Outside service work is encouraged within the greater Milwaukee community.


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Lola, Class of 2019, Milwaukee

"Sisters of Culture can be almost therapeutic. It is one of the most comfortable, homey places you can be, especially for diverse students. Being a member of Sisters of Culture is one of the defining aspects of my high school career - without it, I wouldn't be the student I am today."


Co-curriculars will meet 1-4 times monthly on extended instruction days.

Major Events:

  • DSHA's Multicultural Production is held every other April. Students of all cultural backgrounds are invited to perform an expression of their culture through song, dance, literature, and more.
  • Diversity groups throughout DSHA work together to sponsor the Multicultural Dance each February.

Mamaa, Class of 2020, Milwaukee

"To sum up SOC in one word, I would use 'inclusive,' because each and every lady in our group knows they can use their voice in our club, and that every single person in the room is listening. No matter how different each person is, we all come together to create an amazing and diverse experience."

Kee Kee, Class of 2020, Milwaukee

"I would encourage a prospective student to join this club because of the bonds that are created. I have had the pleasure of meeting some amazing girls while being a member of Sisters of Culture."

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