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She's the First

She's the First raises awareness and advocates for the education of girls, particularly in underdeveloped countries. The DSHA chapter is part of the national organization "She's the First" and raises money to support the non-profit. 

Ava, Class of 2021, Shorewood

"Being a member of She's the First has made me more aware of how lucky I am to have my education, especially at an all-girls school. I think it is important that all girls have this chance. She's the First is a very good way for DSHA students to make a difference in the worlds of so many girls."


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Co-curriculars will meet 1-4 times monthly on extended instruction days.

Major Events:

  • Annual "Bake for a Change" cupcake sale each October
  • Fitness-themed "Sweat for STF" fundraiser each spring; past events have inclded a dance and intramural dodgeball tournament
  • Monthly discussions on global issues and how they affect Sh'ed the First Scholars 
  • Various awareness events to promote the importance of girls' education

Mia, Class of 2019, Milwaukee

She's the First embodies female empowerment and is a great way to bring girls together to support other girls. Although our acts are small, it is the combination of all of our chapters bringing education to young women that equals our powerful impact. She's the First strongly believes in the power of the girl.

Sophia, Class of 2019, Shorewood

My time in this club has positively impacted my time at DSHA because it represents exactly why I wanted to come to DSHA in the first place: the girl's education. It feels so rewarding to raise money for an organization that lifts girls up, because that is what DSHA stands for. 

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