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The purpose of the School Garden Club, previously Eco Club, is to learn how to grow organic food that is used to raise money for local food pantries and to provide fresh, healthy food to the school cafeteria.  Using the school garden as a model, students learn the environmental benefits of fresh, local, organic food while also discovering how enjoyable it is to eat vegetables that are grown in one’s own backyard as opposed to store-bought produce from another state or country.  Activities include learning how to grow and harvest vegetables, promoting the use of fresh food in the school meal program, and learning how to prepare meals using garden produce.


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Anna, Class of 2020, Milwaukee

"Eco Club has been a great pause in the school day to appreciate the world outside of the classroom. I've learned the ropes of starting a garden and keeping it alive. Plus, I've gotten to personally taste my hard work when it's time to harvest the crops! I would recommend Eco Club to everyone wanting to get the most out of their school year."


Co-curriculars will meet 1-4 times monthly on extended instruction days.

Judith, Class of 2019, Milwaukee

Ecology Club has positively impacted my time at DSHA because it does not only help enrich the DSHA community but also other needy communities, like the Riverwest Food Pantry.

Delanie, Class of 2021, Wauwatosa

In one word, Eco Club represents growth: you learn about growing plants, you help people cultivate a healthy diet at school, you meet new people and make new friends. In Eco Club, you make a real impact at DSHA.

Major Events

  • Once a year, the School Garden Club sells produce from the school garden to faculty. Money raised is donated to a local food pantry.
  • Using produce from the school garden, the School Garden Club sponsors a smoothie sale.

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