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Raise Awareness Club

The purpose of the Raise Awareness Club is to raise awareness of important issues and events in the school, community, country, and world.  The club works to involve both its members and others at DSHA in responding to these issues and in serving others.  The club is always open to new ideas and causes, which have included sexual assault, homelessness, and animal abuse.


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Morgan, Class of 2020, Hubertus

"Raise Awareness integrates volunteering and service experiences into my day-to-day life at DSHA. Being a part of the club has expanded my horizons and helped me to become fully dedicated to service."  


Co-curriculars will meet 1-4 times monthly on extended instruction days.

Major Events

Raise Awareness’s events vary in accordance with the year’s theme. In 2017-18, the club chose to support the MacCanon Brown Homeless Sanctuary.
  • The club held a coat and blanket drive in November of 2018 and filled ten garbage bags full of items for the Sanctuary.
  • In February of 2019, students could pay $2 to come to school out of uniform for a day. Raise Awareness collected over $800 from this initiative, and used the money to create over 100 hygeine baskets for the men and women at MBHS. 

Michelle, Class of 2019, Pewaukee

Raise Awareness allows us to come together as a united front and see the direct impact that our contributions have on the community. Our service helps us to realize not only what we are capable of as individuals, but what we are capable of as a group, as well.

Mae, Class of 2020, Milwaukee

This club has helped me realize that I am very fortunate for what I have, and it lets me devote my time to helping others who are not as fortunate. 

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