Whole-Person Education

Equality. Voice. Empowerment.

Equality. Voice. Empowerment. E.V.E.’s mission is to empower women and foster an understanding of feminist philosophy. The club provides knowledge of the challenges and injustices women experience and helps students tap into the strength needed to foster meaningful change. Club members discuss relevant women’s issues and strategize ways to bring an end to gender inequality in local and global communities.


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Thalia, Class of 2022, Wauwatosa

"This club not only intills confidence and a passion for social justice within the memebers of this club, but it also gives us a sense of pride for the phenomenal education we have recived as women. Now it's just a matter of what we do with it, and that is what this club is giving us the ability to do."


Co-curriculars will meet 1-4 times monthly on extended instruction days.

Kelli, Class of 2019, Milwaukee

E.V.E. is built to foster difficult conversations and encourage girls to find the courage they have within themselves to create change. Our goal is to use critical thinking skills to create resolutions for issues surrounding human rights and educate all as to how we can be active in our community to make a change. For me personally, E.V.E. has allowed me to find confidence and value in my voice and and see the strength in fighting for what I believe is right.

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