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Creative Writing Club

The Creative Writing Club gathers to encourage and appreciate all forms of writing. Students share their own writing in the form of stories and poetry in an encouraging, supportive atmosphere. Other student activities include writing together on a selected theme, performing works in front of peers, discussing the process of writing, and gaining exposure to varieties of the written and spoken word from outside sources. All students are welcome to attend.


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Natalie, Class of 2017, Sussex

"Your hand might cramp... but it is definitely worth it."


Creative Writing Club meets twice per month during late Dasher Time.

Natalie & Ameera, Class of 2020, West Allis

How do you think that this club has positively impacted your time at DSHA or you as a person?
  • “Creative Writing Club influenced me as a writer, because I was able to get feedback and  receive inspiration from the other girls' writings. I felt inspired to work hard and develop my writing. I also made lots of great friends!”
  • "I probably would not have had such an amazing Freshman year if it weren't for Creative Writing Club. I got to meet some really cool people that I loved to spend time with, and I developed my self confidence and a unique writing style."

Natalie & Ameera

Why would you encourage a prospective student to join this club?
  • “It's a cool way to meet new people, share your writing, practice writing and grow in your imagination. Also, you work on public speaking, since you share your writing with the group.”
  • "Writing is a really great outlet for creativity, especially if you aren't restricted by an assignment."

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