School closed today, 1/23/19, due to snow event.

Dear DSHA Community,
This message is to inform you that school is closed today due to the current snow event that is impacting road conditions throughout the metro Milwaukee area.
The following information pertains to our seniors participating in Vocare.
Vocare Snow Policy
Students are not required to report for Vocare if DSHA is closed due to severe weather. They are, however, required to contact their site to inform them of the snow day. They do not need to make up these hours. If a student’s Vocare site is officially closed due to severe weather, they are not to report to their site and will not need to make up those hours. If DSHA is open and the Vocare site is open, students are required to serve at their site.
 We look forward to seeing everyone back at school tomorrow!
Dan Quesnell


Faculty/Student Relationship

With an average class size of 24 and a teacher to student ratio of 13 to 1, the faculty builds relationships with students that help guide, motivate, and inspire learning. Actively working toward establishing strong, engaging relationships with students, the faculty seeks daily to maximize the intellectual abilities of each young woman, along with encouraging her growth as a whole person. Faculty works together on behalf of each student to create one of the most innovative and dynamic approaches to whole-person education for high school girls anywhere in the U.S.

The DSHA faculty encourages and advocates for students by balancing the high expectations of a rigorous curriculum, with positive reinforcement upon progress in the pursuit of excellence – even when that excellence lies outside of the classroom. You will often find students choosing to work in their favorite teacher’s classroom during a study hour, or faculty asking how a volleyball game or robotics match went the day before.

In addition, the DSHA faculty is an established group of experts in their field, with over 700 years of teaching experience combined, and 45% with or working toward a master’s degree, serving as an example of the life-long learning they encourage in the young women of DSHA.

Laura, Class of 2019

"I like that the teachers are really open and let you ask questions – they genuinely want to help and they like being at their job – we can tell! If I have a problem I have no reservations about going in and asking for help. It’s so easy to talk to teachers here. They’re never judgmental, always welcoming and friendly."

Tom Montgomery | Social Studies Faculty | Varsity Softball Coach | at DSHA since 2009

DSHA is not just a high school but a community of learners and believers, which presents an opportunity to develop meaningful interpersonal relationships. As educators, this enables us to reach each one of our students on a personal level, which not only creates more meaningful learning experiences, but a positive community atmosphere as well.

Libby Wissing, DSHA ’10 | Mathematics Faculty| at DSHA since 2014

Before class my students and I are often chatting about whatever is on their mind that morning, but once the bell rings, they quickly narrow their focus to mathematics. It’s this ability to move fluidly from discussing various off-topics such as roller blading or new music to deep Calculus concepts, such as integration by parts, that is most unique to the faculty/student relationship at DSHA.

Mia, Class of 2018

"DSHA teachers stand out because they truly care about each student’s success. They make sure that students not only understand each lesson, but know how to apply the concepts, which will help us succeed in the future."

Sue Goulee | Social Studies Faculty | at DSHA since 1996

All schools have classrooms, textbooks and computers. DSHA is set apart by its students. On a daily basis, my students and I make each other into more passionate and intellectually curious individuals.

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