STEM 2023 | Co-Curricular Highlights

The Word Magazine | Spring Semester 2023
In addition to academic coursework in the STEM fields, DSHA offers students a number of co-curricular offerings to supplement, including the DSHA SMART (Students Modeling a Research Topic) Team, Robotics, and STEM Scholars
Each year, the SMART Team (Students Modeling a Research Topic) co-curricular requires Dashers to work in groups to understand a molecular story and then design and build a physical protein model. This spring, students researched a genetic disorder that can cause early blindness in humans. In February, the girls traveled to the Eye Institute at the Medical College of Wisconsin to meet with their mentor, Dr. Joe Carroll, PhD, who helped them enhance their research through application. In late March, the SMART Team traveled to Seattle to present their finished project, To See or Not to See: Assessing the Implications of the P23H Rhodopsin Mutation on Retinitis Pigmentosa, to the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB).

"Being part of this team just solidified my decision of wanting to be involved in undergraduate research once I graduate from DSHA in May. This was my first experience at a big conference like that and working with other students and seeing how enthusiastic people were about our research was really special. We were presenting our findings to undergraduate and graduate students and it was rewarding to see them impressed."
~Kate Hemsworth, DSHA '23

FIRST® Team 1732 is composed of both DSHA and Marquette University High School students. They competed in the FIRST® World Championship in Houston, TX from April 19–22 and finished the weekend ranking within the top 5% of robotics teams in the world. Throughout their regular season, the team also won the 2023 Wisconsin FIRST® Robotics Regional Competition, the FIRST® Miami Valley Regional Competition, and several Innovation in Control awards that celebrate an innovative control system or application of control components.

"Competing at the world level showed me how unique every team and robot can be. When you have three great robots working together on one team, you need to strategize so each robot can play off of each other’s strengths. Amazing results come forth when so many people come together with one shared interest, and it was truly inspirational to see that over the weekend.”
~Abigail Bork, DSHA '23 
    • Paulina Jimenez Gonzalez, DSHA '24 (left), and Elena Rubuclava, DSHA '24, representing the FIRST® Team 1732 at the 2023 Co-Curricular Fair.

    • The SMART Team (Students Modeling a Research Topic) at the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) in Seattle, WA.

    • Several members of the FIRST® Team 1732 Robotics.


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