New Course Focuses on Developing Leadership Skills

Fall Semester 2022 of The Word Magazine
This fall, the DSHA Specialized Studies Department has added a new course entitled Character-Driven Leadership. This one semester elective class for sophomores through seniors focuses on developing leadership skills. As students learn how to lead, they are prepared to step forward into the future with vitality, hope, and courage. Character-Driven Leadership, taught by Social Studies and Specialized Studies Faculty Tom Montgomery, is deliberately and intentionally focused on helping each student grow and develop into an articulate, confident, and capable leader. Based on the most current and relevant learnings on leadership, the course allows students to graduate with the confidence to lead themselves and others, and is purposefully designed to develop the “Leader” Quality of a DSHA Graduate.

During the fall semester, Dashers explored four principal areas of leadership: leading yourself, identifying your leadership mindset, allowing yourself to be led, and leading by example. Several guest speakers visited the class throughout the fall to share their career and leadership paths, including Megan Troy, DSHA ’01, who serves as Counsel at Mayer Brown LLP.

Karrina Trotter, DSHA ’25, shares of Troy’s visit and the class, “I found her braveness, independence, and determination to be most inspiring. She seemed to never be afraid of a dispute or challenge, no matter how hard she would have to work. She always found ways to collaborate and build success for others. She mentioned how to goal set and how to accomplish those goals multiple times, which I am hoping to input into my own life.”

Additional guest speakers throughout the 2022-23 school year included: Caitlin Moyer, DSHA '01, owner of Caitlin Moyer Communications and Marketing; Kersten Larson, senior equity analyst at Allspring Global Investments; Emily Baseheart, the managing director of development at Marquette University, and Audra Jacobs, the assistant director of communications at Northwestern Mutual. 


DSHA added two additional new classes this semester including Earth Science along with EDU 405: Exceptional Learners, a course in which students earn three transferable college credits through Mount Mary University. Students in this course serve as a Marian Scholar Peer Mentor, along with engaging in an additional day of education at MMU in Art Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and/or the Education Department to develop strategies for supporting exceptional learners. 


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