Multi-Cultural Week | Celebrating Unique Backgrounds and Perspectives Within Community

Spring Semester 2022 of The Word Magazine
During the week of April 4-8, DSHA celebrated its annual Multi-Cultural Week. Sponsored and planned by the Sisters of Culture and Furia Latina co-curriculars, and the Student Diversity and Inclusion Council, the week is designed to honor the diverse backgrounds within the DSHA community, and spark conversations around important topics. The week’s festivities were open to all students, and all were encouraged to participate. Additionally, each day featured both morning and afternoon all-school prayer from different TSC members and students in different languages.
MONDAY, APRIL 4 | Multi-Cultural Food Fair + Dress Like Your Culture or Ethnicity 
Students prepared and shared food from all around the world, including Mexico, Italy, Pakistan, the Philippines, and more. Food items like flan, arroz con gandules, keema patties, adobo, baked mostaccioli, za'atar, lefse, and mole were for sale during lunch. Additionally, students were encouraged to dress in traditional clothing or in the colors of their flag of their culture or ethnicity. 

I brought in Champurradas! They are cookies with sesame seeds from Guatemala. I decided to share this with the community because not many people at DSHA know much about the indigenous Guatemalan culture. It's important for us to take pride in our cultures and share them with the community here at DSHA."
Lilly Salentine, DSHA '23

TUESDAY, APRIL 5 | Dasher Dialogue — World Religions
During lunch, students discussed religions rooted in different cultures. Notably, each year seniors have the opportunity to take a World Religions class, a dual-credit course in partnership with Cardinal Stritch University. This course introduces the following major religious traditions: Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Confucianism/Taoism, Judaism, and Islam. Study includes the major founders, beliefs, scriptures, practices, and ethics of the traditions. During the dialogue, students of every grade level had the opportunity to share and discuss religion. 

"We're a Catholic school, but we welcome everyone. Diversity is an important part of school, and Dasher Dialogues are a way of celebrating that diversity. Others are able to share their opinions, which is important to understanding different backgrounds and perspectives."
Naya Rashid, DSHA '25

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 6 | Multi-Cultural Trivia
Students were invited to participate in a Kahoot multi-cultural trivia game during the lunch hour to test and gain knowledge of cultures outside of their own. 

THURSDAY, APRIL 7 | Multi-Cultural Production
The Student Diversity and Inclusion Council hosted the annual Multi-Cultural Production in the Robert and Marie Hansen Family Fine Arts Theatre. Various acts from different cultures included dance, spoken word, and song.

"I shared a Mexican traditional dance meant for other people to really understand the life in Mexico…For me, dancing is a way to give people insight into how the Mexican culture celebrates who they are and how they can celebrate it too…It’s a way to appreciate differences. Not everybody is the same. Diversity and inclusion are such important topics and this is a way to share it in creative ways.”
Nati Rodriguez, DSHA '24

FRIDAY, APRIL 8 | Art Display + Open Mic Night + Multi-Cultural Dance 

All students were invited to attend and/or participate in an open mic and art display prior to the dance. This gave students a platform to share arts-based and culturally inspired talents with their peers. 

Multi-Cultural Production Acts:
  • Christar Xiong, DSHA '23 | Hmong folk dance 
  • Izabella Luevano, DSHA ’22 | Mexican folk dance to Passion with peers from the Instituto Cultural de Danza
  • Dani Hart, DSHA ’22 | sang Don't Love You in Korean and English
  • Natalia Beans, DSHA ’23 | salsa dance to the Puerto Rican and Cuban tune Donde Va Chi Chi
  • Shaterra Richerson, DSHA ’22 | reading of poems by Langston Hughes
  • Nati Rodriguez, DSHA ’24 | Mexican folklore dance to El Palomo choreographed by Maya Rodriguez, DSHA ’19
  • Ixchel Ramirez, DSHA ’24 | performed Guadalupe, a Mexican cumbia song
  • Quetzaly Torres, DSHA ’22 | Mexican folklore dance
  • Zaharra Campbell, DSHA ’25 | spoken word
  • Jennifer Benitez Pacheco, DSHA ’22 | spoken word piece about diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Beans | salsa dance to Scala from the AfroLatinx culture
  • Hart | reading of a self-written piece Red Mirror
    • Nati Rodriguez, DSHA '24, performs a Mexican folklore dance to El Palomo at Multi-Cultural Production on April 7.

    • Christar Xiong, DSHA '23, performs at Hmong folklore dance at Multi-Cultural Production on April 7.

    • Shaterra Richerson, DSHA '22, read poems written by Langston Hughes at Multi-Cultural Production on April 7.


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