Puffs Connects the Fictional Wizarding World to Human Emotions

Spring Semester 2022 of The Word Magazine
This March, the DSHA Theatre Department presented Puffs: Or Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic & Magic. This play crams all seven books from series about a certain boy wizard and his time at a famous wizarding school into 110-ish minutes—reimagining side characters from the original series into the main characters. Exploring friendship, fulfillment, and grief, this action-packed, laugh-a-minute play allowed over half of the cast and crew to experience the DSHA main stage for the first time. 
Kathryn Brzozowski, DSHA ’23
Stage Manager for Puffs

Even as a first-time member of stage crew, Brzozowski took a leadership role and directed the lighting, sound, and props during the production to ensure proper execution of the behind-the-scenes aspects of the show.

"When I'd go see a musical, I would think 'wow, the actors did so amazing,' and I would barely think about the stage crew. But the stage crew really put in a lot of work to make sure the show goes smoothly, and I did not realize how much work you have to put in for it to go as smoothly as it did." 

Elanya Pasqua, DSHA ’22
Main Character Winnie, a Puff

A seasoned pro of the DSHA Theatre Department, Pasqua learned over the years the same message the show tells its audiences: you don’t need other people to tell you you’re important for your story to matter.

"So much of our lives is looking at the media and other stories and it makes you feel like you have to have a spotlight shined on you in order for your problems to matter, or to allow yourself to feel your feelings. Allowing yourself to feel important and the things you are dealing with matter is important to emotional health." 


Cast | Ella Markwald, DSHA ’24; Elanya Pasqua, DSHA ’22; Aidan Rana; Molly Schmidt, DSHA ’22; Sarah Daniels, DSHA ’23; Carolina Ewig, DSHA ’22; Olivia Connell, DSHA ’22; Caelinn Carraher, DSHA ’23; Julia Rentmeester, DSHA ’23; Elise Daczko, DSHA ’23; Antonis Ybarra; Maeve Pickart, DSHA ’23

Ensemble | Alessandra Borchardt, DSHA ’23; Mya Brousseau, DSHA ’25; Charlotte Desjarlais, DSHA ’25; Lauren Kabacinski, DSHA ’25; Anika Lenci, DSHA ’25; Lauren Marx, DSHA ’25; Audrey Budny-McCormick, DSHA ’23; Karalyn Peterson, DSHA ’25; Thomas Phillips; Delaney Scott, DSHA ’25; Marcella Steiner, DSHA ’25; Maggie Stubbs, DSHA ’25; Maggie Sweeney, DSHA ’23; Amy Teye, DSHA ’25; Keyshla Vega, DSHA ’25; Maggie Weiner, DSHA ’24; Sophie Wondrachek, DSHA ’25

Stage Crew | Sandrine Biagui, DSHA ’23; Kathryn Brzozowski, DSHA ’23; Mia Dembowski, DSHA ’24; Kennedy Hardrick, DSHA ’25; Alicia Jackson, DSHA ’24; Tess Laforest, DSHA ’24; Maddie Lund, DSHA ’24; Elizabeth Orta-Medina, DSHA ’25; Lulu Salentine, DSHA ’23; Peyton Washington, DSHA ’25; Cloe Vang, DSHA ’25; Babette Fransee, DSHA ’25
    • Pictured are the Puffs, from left to right, Molly Schmidt, DSHA ’22; Elise Daczko, DSHA ’23; Olivia Connell, DSHA ’22; Caelinn Caraher, DSHA ’23; Elayna Pasqua, DSHA ’22; Sarah Daniels, DSHA ’23; Carolina Ewig, DSHA ’22; and Julia Rentmeester, DSHA ’23

    • Elayna Pasqua, DSHA ’22, sits under the sorting hat as Lauren Kabacinski, DSHA ’25 (left), and Audrey Budny-McCormick, DSHA ’23, look on.

    • Carolina Ewig, DSHA ’22 (left), looks on as Caelinn Caraher, DSHA ’23, speaks.

    • DSHA Stage Crew members Kathryn Brzozowski, DSHA ’23 (left), and Maddie Lund, DSHA ’24, prepare the stage.

    • Maeve Pickart, DSHA ’23, played the character of Harry.


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