Impact of 2019 Goodness for Ghana Lenten Project Measured

During Lent 2019, the DSHA community participated in its global project entitled "Goodness for Ghana." As an almsgiving effort, the goal was to raise $10,000 to support the health of mothers and children in rural Ghana, who have limited access to quality healthcare. Through the annual Student Auction and bottle battles — where students deposited loose change in baby bottles — the DSHA community raised $22,704.97 to provide services and supplies to multiple maternity wards. 

This summer, Catholic Relief Services sent DSHA a report detailing how its contribution has impacted healthcare in Ghana. The funds raised provided:
  • Three latrines with changing rooms for privacy.
  • Three bathing rooms for bathing post birth. 
  • Three medical waste incinerators for safe disposal of medical waste.
  • Nine medical waste bins given to three health facilities to separate medical waste.
  • Six health facility staff members across three facilities trained in effective water, sanitation, and hygiene practices.
  • Twenty-one water and sanitation members across three facilities to ensure constant and sustainable water availability.
  • Improved water, sanitation, and hygiene services. 
  • Critical equipment and supplies for health clinics including a vaccine refrigerator, beds, couches, bedsheets, scanning equipment, a medicine trolley, an instrument tray, and more.

"Working on this project helped me understand how blessed I am to live in a country where women are educated about pregnancy and motherhood," said Reegan Schmidt, DSHA '19, who worked on this project as a Campus Ministry officer. "I am currently studying nursing and because of this project I want to someday seek out an opportunity to serve the people in an underprivileged country such as Ghana using the skills I learn. I hope that the help from the Lenten project can support Ghana in a small way to make it a safer place for mothers and their children."  

Click here to read the full report from Catholic Relief Services about the impact of Goodness for Ghana.


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