DSHA Faith Formation New Faces in 2020-21 School Year

DSHA will undoubtedly learn to pivot as it navigates COVID-19 in a new school year, and faith formation is just one of many areas that will adjust its programming.

A few fresh faces and a couple veterans will steer the ship of Campus Ministry as changes occur. Campus Ministry’s first change: a shift in leadership.
Former Director of Campus Ministry Kathleen Cullen Ritter, DSHA ’05, resigned from her position at the end of June. During her ten years at her alma mater, she grew Campus Ministry to give each girl a fantastic faith journey—including designing a new space for the girls to journey in their faith: the Sylvia R. Dubois/Mother of Our Savior Chapel. She understood the importance of peer leadership and relationship, giving every girl a voice in planning retreats, liturgy, worship, and service experiences.

While she let the girls connect with one another, she also had the innate ability to connect with her students, seeing God in every girl’s gift and struggle.

“I loved seeing the transformation of girls from freshman to senior year—how they can grow in their own faith and lead others in growth,” she said. “I also loved the simple things too—coming into work and seeing candles already lit in the chapel and handing out hymnals before Mass. I was able to see the extraordinary in the ordinary.”

Throughout the rest of 2020, she is taking a “natural sabbatical,” living out her vocation as a mother and wife. In the future, she can see herself using her Master’s in Social Work to help those in grief or in the healthcare field.

As for the department she’s leaving behind, she’s excited for its future. She is certain it is in good hands. “It’s always good to switch things up,” she said.

Campus Ministry is now placed in the hands of:

Director of Campus Ministry Stephanie Monson | Monson will lead and direct all DSHA faith formation programs, and all activities related to Campus Ministry. It is now her responsibility to maintain and create experiences that are dynamic and vital to the faith formation of students, staff, parents, and alumnae. Monson has been part of the DSHA community since 2007, first as a theology teacher, the Campus Minister for Liturgy & Prayer, and then as the Director of Salvatorian Service before taking on this role.

Director of Salvatorian Service Katie Daily Pickart, DSHA ’84, PhD | Previously a member of the DSHA Board of Directors, a long-term substitute teacher in the Theology and English departments, and back up help in Student Services and Campus Ministry, Pickart will support the mission of service and service learning in the spirit of the Sisters of the Divine Savior. She will work with the Director of Campus Ministry and the Theology department to ensure all service is essential in the faith formation of students, staff, and parents.

Campus Ministry Coordinator Katie Bova Hoffmann, DSHA ’02 | Hoffmann will provide support to the student campus ministers, the Campus Minister for Liturgy & Prayer, and the Director of Salvatorian Service, performing a variety of clerical and coordinating functions. Hoffmann is a familiar face around DSHA, as she has coached volleyball and held several other roles in the school community.

Catherine Lennon will continue as the Campus Minister for Liturgy & Prayer and a member of the Theology faculty. She has held these roles since 2014.
    • The 2020-2021 Campus Ministry team consists of: Stephanie Monson (top left), Katie Bova Hoffmann, DSHA '02 (top right), Katie Daily Pickart, DSHA '84, PhD (bottom right), and Catherine Lennon (bottom left).


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