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Campus Ministry Council realizes the mission of Jesus Christ within our school community. The core aspect of CMC is student leadership. Campus Ministry includes a group of student leaders who strive to realize the mission of Jesus Christ within our school community. These young women offer their peers opportunities for prayer, worship, service, and social justice. With a focus on Fr. Jordan Awareness Week, Advent, Lent, and Catholic Schools Week, the Campus Ministry student leaders aim to bring students’ faith to life. Campus Ministry Council also elects the leaders and coordinators for each of DSHA's retreats, and helps to plan and coordinate various service, prayer, and worship opportunities throughout the year. These positions allow girls to nurture growth in each of the DSHA Qualities of a Graduate, particularly as believers, communicators, and leaders.

DSHA has over 240 Campus Ministry leadership opportunities in the following areas:

CMC Leadership Positions

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  • 1st & 3rd Thursday Collections Team

    Encourages participation, packs, and assists with food pickup on food collection days

    Grade levels: all
  • 1st & 3rd Thursday Collections Team Coordinators

    Coordinates all activities for collection team

    Grade levels: Senior
  • Afternoon Prayer Coordinators

    Run afternoon prayer & recruit students to lead

    Grade levels: all 
  • Afternoon Prayer Team

    This team plays an integral role in the prayer life of DSHA. Students recruit other students to lead prayer, write prayers for the DSHA prayer book, and prepare prayers for events. 
  • Campus Ministry Officers

    The Campus Ministry Officers oversee all aspects of Campus Ministry. There are 2-3 officers in each role (prayer, service, and communications.) Each officer is a senior and serves as a model of faith to her classmates. Officers are approachable about their faith life and lead and develop programs to help their peers grow in relationship with God through all school assemblies and small group leadership for particular Campus Ministry teams. The Campus Ministry Officers also develop the Advent and Lent programing for the entire school community.

    Grade levels: 12
  • Catholic Schools Week / Fr. Jordan Awareness Week Team

    This team works with the Campus Ministry Officers to create a fun and meaningful Fr. Jordan Awareness Week and Catholic Schools Week. There are a variety of activities planned from spirit days to prayer opportunities, pancake breakfasts, and more. 
  • Freshman Service Day (FSD) Coordinators

    Plan FSD and lead senior planning team in all activities for FSD. 

    Grade level: 12
  • Freshman Service Day Team

    Lead and model servant leadership for freshmen students on FSD. 

    Grade level: 12
  • Liturgical Music Team

    Leads music at Faith Friday Masses. Applicants will be put into music teams depending on interest.

    Grade levels: all
  • Mass Music Team

    Mass Music helps pick and plan music for all of the all-school and Faith Friday Masses. There are teams of students that rotate for this role.

    Grade levels: 10, 11, 12
  • Mass Team

    Responsible for planning Masses as well as enhance prayer at DSHA. Mass team plans all Faith Friday opportunities and all-school Masses during the year. 

    Grade levels: all
  • Ministry Team

    Helps in all aspects of Campus Ministry- Advent project, Lent project, etc.

    Grade levels: all
  • Ministry Team Coordinators

    Helps in all aspects of Campus Ministry- Advent project, Lent project, etc.

    Grade levels: 12
  • Retreat Leaders

    Optional Junior Retreat Coordinators | Organize and execute all aspects of Optional Junior Retreat “OJR” for the junior class. 

    Grade level: 12; Coordinators must have attended Junior Retreat in order to apply. 

    Senior Retreat Coordinators | Organize and execute all aspects of the 3 fall senior retreats for your class. 

    Grade Level: 12

    Optional Senior Retreat Coordinators 
    | Organize and execute all aspects of the Optional Senior Retreat: Anchored in Faith “OSR” for your class. 

    Grade Level: 12

  • Rosary Team

    Promote and lead rosary after Faith Friday Masses. Also lead Mercy Mondays in Advent & Lent.

    Grade levels: all
  • Sacrament Team (Adoration & Reconciliation)

    Plan and promote Eucharistic adoration and reconciliation

    Grade levels: all
  • Sacristans

    Prepare for Mass, decorate chapel for liturgical seasons, and give chapel tours

    Grade levels: all
  • SDS Sister Sister Team

    Create and promote events with the SDS Sisters

    Grade Level: all
  • Service Team

    Encourage student participation in service, plan DSHA service events, and be a liaison to a service organization.

    Grade levels: all
  • Special Weeks Team

    Create a fun & meaningful Fr. Jordan Awareness Week and Catholic Schools Week.

    Grade levels: 10 & 11, unless previously on team
  • St. Anne’s Prom

    Plan a “senior” prom with the seniors at St. Anne’s Salvatorian Campus with the SASC Vocare students

    Grade level: 12
  • Student Auction Coordinators

    Works with the Campus Ministry Officers to execute the Lenten auction.

    Grade level: 12
  • Student Auction Team

    Works with the Student Auction coordinators to gather donations, write auction catalog, and execute auction and cleanup.

    Grade levels: 10 & 11

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Abby, Class of 2019, Brookfield

Through Sacraments Team, I discovered the beauty of adoration. At first, I was hesitant to spend an entire fifty minute period in silent prayer. But when I decided to truly commit myself to this time, I felt myself becoming more comfortable with talking to God and feeling less worried about the stresses of the school day. Through Mass Music Team, I have thoroughly enjoyed enhancing the Mass experience through the gift of song. It is amazing to look up and see the joy on my classmates' faces when we are all singing our favorite hymn! Music brings such a sense of unity to our school community.

Kayleigh, Class of 2019, Menomonee Falls

Being a Prayer Officer through Campus Ministry thoroughly influenced my faith life as well as my everyday life at DSHA. My role as an officer really helped me to grow into more of a leader in the DSHA community. I was able to make connections and deepen friendships with people I would've normally overlooked had I not met them through Campus Ministry. Campus Ministry definitely impacted my faith life in a large way, but more importantly, it was one of the main reasons I loved coming to school every day. Through my involvement, I felt that I had a purpose and that I had a meaningful impact on the school community. 

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