Picture Re-take Day

Arena Theatre
All Freshmen, Sophomore and Junior Parents
On Tuesday, October 15th, VIP will be coming to DSHA to retake student photos.  If you would like to your daughter to retake her portrait or she was absent on check in day, this is the last opportunity to have your daughter’s photo taken by VIP.  The DSHA yearbook only uses photos taken by VIP photographers.   
The photographers from VIP will be at DSHA during the school day 7:30 - 10:30 am in the Arena Theatre.  Your daughter will be excused from class to have her picture taken. 
If your daughter is having her photograph retaken, she must bring in the envelope of prints already received from VIP, otherwise you will not receive additional prints.  If this is her first photograph for the school year you may order prints for purchase at that time.  Importantly you do not need to buy photographic prints from VIP to have your daughter's photograph taken. 

Click here to check out their website and order class photos!

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