Angelaires Audition Workshop

Angelaire Workshop/Audition Information and Frequently Asked Questions

Monday, January 27, 2020: Workshop (3:10-4:10 in the choir room) Tuesday, January 28 2020: Auditions (3:10-5:00)

1. Do I have to complete Concert Choir as a freshman in order to audition? No, taking concert choir any year fulfills the requirement.

2. Is attendance at the workshop required? Yes. You will learn the part-singing and choreography you need to perform at the audition.

3. When is the workshop? The workshop is Monday, January 27 from 3:10-4:10.

4. When are the auditions? The auditions are in 15 minute increments on January 28, from 3:15-5:00. During each 15 minute increment a group of 5 people will audition. Everyone else will wait outside the music room.

5. What do I sing and do at the Audition? a. You will sing the national anthem, a capella and in any key you wish. b. You will sight-read a short and simple melody. c. You will sing the 24-hour selection (administered at the end of the workshop). You will be responsible for learning your part (you can ask for help from anyone except Dr. Sponcia or the Angelaires Officers) and singing it with one person on a part in the audition. d. You will dance a brief choreography piece taught on Monday during the workshop. That will be performed with your audition group.

6. Who are the Judges? Mr. Becker, 1-2 other Fine Arts specialists, and the Angelaire officers.

7. When will I find out if I make it? The list will be posted online after school on Wednesday, January 29th.

8. What if I make it into the group? You will become an Angelaire at the beginning of the next school year. You will also be informed of various events in the spring, so be sure to check your email regularly.

9. How many girls will you let into the group for 2020-2021? There will be a maximum of 9 girls who will be asked to join the group. If the judges do not feel that there are 9 girls who qualify, fewer may be invited.

10. What if I don’t make it into the group? It is OK to be disappointed, but I do not want you to feel discouraged about your singing. Sign up for choir another semester, audition again next year, and come talk to me about your strengths and areas that need more experience.

11. But if I don’t make Angelaires how can I keep singing? You can sign up for choir class as many times as you want. You can join a mass music team, you can participate in solo ensemble, you can participate in the summer musical, and audition for the fall musical. You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain! If auditioning for Angelaires is hazardous to your health, do not audition. Meaning, if you do not make the group and it “ruins” your life, it isn’t worth it. BUT, if you are willing to take a risk, give it your best shot, and can live with the consequences, then go for it.

Thank you for making the effort.
Mr. Becker

Attendance required only for officers and auditionees

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