DSHA Response to Community | 2/17/21

Dear DSHA Community,

Yesterday afternoon, Tuesday, February 16, DSHA High School was notified of a dated video circulating on social media showing two of our students where racist language is used, specifically the “n-word”. An immediate investigation regarding student conduct took place and appropriate disciplinary steps are being taken; specifics will remain confidential due to FERPA privacy laws.

To our students and families of color: we are committed to you – to listening to you, to working with you, and standing alongside of you for DSHA to become an anti-racist community.

As a Salvatorian Catholic institution, DSHA is categorically opposed to the use of any and all racist language and action by students, faculty, or staff. We will work to make amends and restore dignity back to our DSHA community and those who have been deeply affected by this incident. This incident exemplifies the need for DSHA to continue to prioritize our work focused on equity, respect, diversity, and inclusion, as we fight the hateful sin of racism.  

Our school community is deeply committed to building a safe and equitable space for all of our students to feel supported, honored, and treated with dignity. We are committed to educating our students and community around the hurtfulness of racist and bias language and actions which can have no place within our school. We are seeking to be a community of empathy and understanding for all, and to learn – as both individuals and an organization – to stand up for equality and against racism and any other act that dehumanizes children of God. 

We recognize there is more work we need to do as a school, and we are committed to working as a community through a restorative process.


Katie Konieczny, President
Dan Quesnell, Principal
Lisette Rodriguez-Reed, Director of Student Services, Equity and Engagement
Heather Moran Mansfield, Ph.D., Academic Dean
Ruby Brock, Dean of Student Affairs
Stephanie Monson, Director of Campus Ministry

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