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Two New Administrative Team Members for the 2022-23 School Year

Fall Semester 2022 of The Word Magazine
These two new administrative members bring a combined 81 years of experience working in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee to the young women of DSHA. 

At DSHA the Director of Student Services develops and articulates the vision and philosophy of Student Services programs by planning and providing strategic leadership consistent with the mission of DSHA. Student Services serves students with a focus meeting the needs of the whole person—academic, social, emotional, wellness, and mental health of each student.

  • BA in History, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
  • BA in Broad Field Social Science, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire 
  • MS in Educational Administration, Cardinal Stritch University
Professional Experience:
  • St. John the Evangelist Catholic School | Principal 
  • St. Monica Parish School | Principal
  • St. Mary Parish School of Hales Corners | Principal 
  • St. Joan Antida High School | Principal and Academic Dean 

Q: What is your favorite thing about serving at an all-girls school?
A: I am all about the empowerment of women and the opportunities girls have in this setting that will positively impact their adult lives—college and beyond. In my past experience as a principal at an all-girls high school, and here, I see girls thriving in an academically rigorous and faith-based environment that encourages students to advocate for themselves and others. Girls feel comfortable participating in class and sharing their thoughts, leading them to become skilled communicators. A DSHA education affords girls substantial opportunities.

Q: What do you value or appreciate most about the Salvatorian mission?
A: Service to others. In our adult life, one of the impost important things we can do is to make an impactful change in the lives of others. We are called to do this in our vocation or volunteering. Through our DSHA mission, we instill service to others with the hope that students carry it forward in their lives while being good, kind, and faith-filled people.

Q: What is your hope for our students as it relates to your role as Director of Student Services?
A: Our goal is to be the best in everything that we do, and to do it through our Catholic school lens. That is the standard that drives me. Every decision we make is in the best interest of students and how to improve upon meeting their needs socially, emotionally, and intellectually. We are looking at what we offer, how we support girls in all aspects of who they are, and their DSHA experience. We are relying on data—and seeking this each quarter—to provide necessary offerings and interventions. Additionally, we look to see how students are responding and making sure we are defining and developing processes to meet those needs. 

Get to Know Maria Schram
  • Favorite experience with students at DSHA? | “I love all-school assemblies and Mass— anything with the collective school community coming together— the energy shows how special our community is.”
  • Family | Husband Dave of 35 years, two sons, and a large Greek extended family “whom we gather with as much as possible!” 
  • Parishioner | St. Charles in Hartland 
  • Hobbies | Golf, travel, and spending time in Door County 
  • Item of note | In 2019, Schram received the prestigious Herb Kohl Educational Foundation Leadership Award. 


At DSHA the Director of DEI develops and oversees all DEI programming in a manner consistent with Catholic Social Teaching, and with an intentional emphasis on fostering a sense of belonging, unity, and sisterhood among all Dashers while celebrating our unique differences, experiences, and perspectives.

  • BA in Religious Studies, Cardinal Stritch University 
  • MA in Pastoral Formation, St. Francis Seminary
  • Master Catechist Certification, Xavier University, New Orleans 
Professional & Ministerial Experience:
  • Central City Catholic Parishes of Milwaukee | Parish Director, RCIA Coordinator, and Leader of Mission & Ministry Programming
  • Marquette University High School | Theology Faculty, MUHS Diversity Office Advisor, and Moderator for the PRIDE (Personal Responsibility, Improvement, Development, and Enhancement) Homeroom, predominantly serving Black students
  • Brother Booker Ash Lay Ministry | Theology Professor
  • Archdiocese of Milwaukee | Black Catholic Ministry Commission Member 

Q: What is your favorite thing about serving at an all-girls school?
A: I get girls—their emotion, their passion, their sisterhood. This feels like a really good fit. Friendship in high school is super important. Girls especially need really good friends with the same interests and concerns. We thrive when people understand who we are. It forms intimate bonds that last forever. I feel that in my faith journey God has been preparing me for this role and has ordered my steps. I feel so supported, valued, and appreciated, and I’m confident in who I am and why I’m here. I’m grateful to have arrived at DSHA and in this all-girls environment.

Q: What do you value or appreciate most about the Salvatorian mission?
: The Sisters of the Divine Savior are very collaborative. From the beginning, the ordained collaborated with the lay. That interests me very much. When I work with students, we always focus on how we collaborate in unity. I love working with students on being both leaders and participants. I’m inspired by the founder of the Salvatorians, Blessed Francis Jordan, who always spoke of the importance of working together.

Q: What is your hope for our students as it relates to your role as Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion?
A: The mission of our school is to be the goodness and kindness of Jesus. We live in a manner that puts our faith in the forefront of our lives. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are not commands but a calling. I want to help DSHA become a place where every graduate knows the strength and bravery of walking independently together, with God as our guide. Where every girl is able to find her voice within our community. I would like for our girls to look to this office as inclusive for all—not just for students of color, but anyone with a concern that I could advocate for. And when they walk across the stage at graduation, that the sisterhood is real—that each girl felt like she belonged and grew and learned a lot. My big word for the year is “belonging”. We all—every one of us—facilitate the sense of belonging. 

Get to Know Cynthia Blaze 
  • Favorite experience with students at DSHA? | “One day I was helping two students work on college applications— there was a very lengthy area for them to share their experience with DEI and they were stressed. We talked through how to connect the dots of their experiences and understanding of what DEI is and being comfortable in it. I believe it was a formative and helpful conversation for them and I’m grateful they saw me as a resource.”
  • Family | A large family including three daughters who attended DSHA, 11 grandchildren, four of whom currently attend DSHA.
  • Parishioner | St. Sebastian in Milwaukee
  • Hobbies | Sewing, listening to music, taking her grandchildren to $5 movie night and dinner; and reading anything by James Patterson, Brene Brown, “or anything recommended by Oprah!”
  • Item of note | Blaze is the recipient of the Nathaniel Gillon Award by Marquette University High School.
    • Director of Student Services Maria Schram

    • Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Cynthia Blaze

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