Alumnae Dash-a-Thon 2020

Saturday, October 24

Dash-a-Thon is a long-standing, annual tradition with three main components:

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  • 1. The Walk

    On a Wednesday in October, the entire school community walks a seven-mile route that begins at school, winds its way through the local community, and ends right back at the DSHA front doors.
  • 2. School Spirit

    Every year, students choose a theme for Dash-a-Thon and students are encouraged to either dress in theme or put on their best Dasher spirit wear!  This year's theme is "Dashing with Disney" and students will be channeling their inner magic into costumes inspired by their favorite Disney movies.
  • 3. Raising "Quota," as our students say

    Each student is tasked with raising a specific dollar amount or "quota" to support the cost of her DSHA education. One of the qualities of a DSHA graduate is "Self-Advocate" and the challenge of raising money is definitely an exercise in advocacy!  This year, students are asked to raise a quota of $135 from friends, neighbors, and extended family to sponsor their walk.  Ideally, each student practices true philanthropic spirit by making her own gift to help meet quota.

So, how do alumnae get involved? It's as easy as 1... 2... 3!

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  • 1. Go for a walk!

    On Saturday, October 24th grab your whole family and head outside for a walk! Any length is good, no need to do all seven miles like the students traditionally do.

    Make the walk even more engaging with a scavenger hunt for kids and grandkids and by plugging the DSHA Open House to everyone you see! Check out the FAQ's below for more information.
  • 2. Show your school spirit!

    It wouldn't be Dash-a-Thon if it didn't include dressing up! Break out your best DSHA spirit wear or join our students in their "Dashing with Disney" theme. Then make sure to take a picture of you and your family in your finest get-up and share it on your social media with the hashtags #DashaThon2020 and #DashingWithDisney!
  • 3. Make a gift to support current and future Dashers!

    Just like our current students working to raise quota, gifts to DSHA make it all possible – this year more than ever.

    When you register to participate with a gift of $35, you help DSHA navigate COVID-19, enable all students to be part of the DSHA community through scholarships, including those whose financial needs may have risen due to COVID-19, and ensure that DSHA is a possibility for future Dashers.

    As a bonus - everyone who registers for the walk will receive a DSHA headband!

Register for Alumnae Dash-a-Thon today!

Join the conversation!


Once you register, follow the fun on DSHA social media for a chance to win prizes and see throwback photos!

Give a gift, get a gift

    • As a thank you for registering, you'll receive a DSHA headband!

Questions? We're happy to help!

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  • Maggie Shelledy McAsey,  DSHA '10

    Director of Annual Fund
    (414) 721-2911
  • Danielle Rabe, DSHA '08 (right)

    Alumnae Director
    (414) 616-2808
  • Kaitlin Wayson, DSHA '09 (right)

    Development Assistant

First Annual Alumnae Dash-a-thon FAQs

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  • Q. What is the history of Dash-a-Thon?

    Dash-a-Thon started in 1983 as an annual student fundraiser for DSHA. In early years, students could choose between walking and biking and incentives included out of uniform privileges and catered meals. Eventually, the event turned into an annual 7-mile walk on a fall Wednesday morning kicked off by a pep rally led by the senior Penny the Penguins. If students raise a certain amount of money they receive a Movie Day, then if they hit the top goal they earn a day off school.

    Did we miss something? Share your memories of Dash-a-Thon with our Alumnae Director Danielle Rabe, DSHA '08, at
  • Q. Wait, so do I have to dress up as a Disney character?

    It's totally up to you! When current students walk Dash-a-Thon, they have the option of dressing in theme or simply wearing DSHA spirit wear. You have the same options!  So whether your inner-Simba is dying to come out or you'd like to rock your red and gold tutu or you feel all dressed up in a DSHA t-shirt, follow your heart and wear what you want during your walk!

    Whatever outfit you decide on, please make sure to show it off by taking a picture and share it on social media with the hashtag #DashaThon2020.
  • Q. How do my kids or grandkids participate in the scavenger hunt and what might they win?

    Click here to download the scavenger hunt for your kids and grandkids. It was prepared by the student Dash-a-Thon committee and every child who completes it (or tries!) is eligible to win a special prize.

    When your (grand)child is finished with the scavenger hunt, email the following to our Marketing & Admissions Assistant Kenya Price for a chance to win some DSHA swag! 
    • a picture of the completed scavenger hunt list
    • child's name
    • child's age
    • child's grade school
    • child's mailing address
  • Q. Is it true the DSHA Open House is the next day? How do we get the word out about it on our walk?

    Yes, DSHA Open House will be on Sunday, October 25th. Make sure you are spreading the word to anyone you see on your walk - from a safe distance away, of course. Click here to learn more about DSHA Open House!
  • Q. What does my Alumnae Dash-a-Thon gift support?

    So many things! Gifts to Alumnae Dash-a-Thon support current and future Dashers. Your generosity supports the day-to-day work of DSHA to achieve our mission of developing confident young women of faith, heart and intellect. Click here to learn more.
  • Q. I'm the parent of a current Dasher - do gifts to Alumnae Dash-a-Thon count to my daughter's quota?

    Good question!  Student Dash-a-Thon and Alumnae Dash-a-Thon are two separate events on two separate days. Gifts to Alumnae Dash-a-Thon do not count toward individual student quotas. Click here to learn more about current students' Dash-a-Thon here.
  • Q. Are students and alumnae dashing on different days?

    Yes! Current students are celebrating their virtual Dash-a-Thon on Saturday, October 10th. Alumnae are celebrating on Saturday, October 24th. We'll share photos from the student's big day to help alumnae get inspired with their costumes, creative walk locations, and more!
  • Q. How do I get one of those cool headbands?

    Every person who registers or gives a gift of $35+ will receive a DSHA headband.  Headbands will be mailed out after the event on October 24th.
  • Q. What is quota?

    During the student's celebration of Dash-a-Thon, quota is the amount of money each student is responsible for fundraising on her own. If a student brings in quota every year, then she is eligible to be on Spirit Patrol which has stations throughout the route walk where students hand out candy and encourage the walkers to keep their spirits up.

    For Alumnae Dash-a-Thon, we're using the "quota" as a fun reference to the student's event and to represent one registration for the walk. To register for the walk, alumnae are asked to give "quota" or a gift of $35 and they will then receive a DSHA headband.
  • Q. How do I get my friends involved?

    There are so many ways!
    • Post a throwback Dash-a-Thon picture on social media and tag your friends in it
    • Forward the link to this page to all your classmates and make sure they know you'll be walking
    • Mail a glitter bomb to your high school BFF and then blame it on us for giving you the idea ;-)
  • Q. If I'm walking with my family, do I need to register every person or just me?

    For every person you register, you will receive one headband. If you'd like to make a charitable contribution beyond the cost of registration, please use the last field on the registration form.
  • Q. What are the current students doing this year for Dash-a-Thon?

    Dash-a-Thon 2020 looks a little different for students, but they're still going to have a great time! There's still Spirit Patrol, dressing in theme, pump up videos, and pep rallies. However, instead of an all-school, seven-mile walk, students are celebrating in a responsible, social-distancing way on Saturday, October 10th.
  • Q. What is the deadline for registering?

    You have until midnight on Saturday, October 24th to register and receive the headband.

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