Choosing a high school is not easy – especially in the Milwaukee area where there are many outstanding public, private and parochial options. Most of these schools have great college-preparatory academics, and many have a solid faith-based foundation. Some even have premier programs in athletics and fine arts, too.

But the DSHA difference is what sets us apart and makes this a place where you will thrive. The all-girls’ environment, coupled with an innovative approach to whole-person education and a research-based commitment to overall wellness means the freedom to learn, grow and discover your passions in a distraction-free environment.

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A DSHA education guarantees that you will become a believer, a critical thinker, a communicator and a leader. It is a promise that you will develop as a whole person of faith, heart, and intellect.

You will grow in your faith.

DSHA offers numerous opportunities to learn, serve, share and lead through student-driven Campus Ministry opportunities and four years of Theology curriculum. DSHA is the only high school in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee to be awarded Exemplary Recognition in Catholic Identity.

You will be ready for college.

DSHA teachers are focused on how you learn, what you need, and how you work best. 100% of DSHA students are accepted to college every year. Whether headed somewhere nearby or off to an Ivy league school, you can be assured that your academic experience has prepared you for your next adventure.

You will explore and discover your passions.

With a commitment to incorporating co-curricular clubs and activities into the school day, you will get to seek out your own passions and learn to lead from within. Do you want to join the Robotics Team or Campus Ministry? The Sisters of Culture Club or the Criminal Justice Club? In addition, award-winning fine arts programs and championship-winning athletic teams are ready and waiting for you to make your mark!

You will learn how to manage your overall wellness.

Committed to action based on research, DSHA is focused on helping students manage their own wellness during adolescence with an emphasis on intellectual, spiritual, physical and social wellbeing. No student can – or should – do it all! You will develop the skills of personal balance and wellness, learning to make good choices which lead to life-long healthy habits.

You will get to be you – and part of a sisterhood for life.

You will learn, lead and live life alongside a group of young women who are as passionate about their academics and school activities as you. In the DSHA all-girls environment it is cool to be smart. It is admirable to have a passion for God and your faith. You will celebrate your peers' accomplishments and they will do the same for you.

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