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  • Q. When should our family begin looking at high schools?

    The high school decision process is unique for each family. We encourage all families to visit us during our Open House when the high school conversation starts in your home – we find this usually begins in 6th or 7th grade. DSHA offers various summer camps for girls in grades 1-8, Girls Night In events for girls in grades 4-7, and shadowing experiences for girls in grades 7 and 8 during the school year. These opportunities, and more, are all great ways to meet current students and experience our community.
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  • Q. When is Open House?

    DSHA’s Open House is the last Sunday in October (October 28, 2018). Mass is celebrated in our theatre at 9 a.m.; student-guided tours are available from 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.
  • Q. What is a Visit Day like, and do you recommend my daughter visit twice?

    During a Visit Day, 7th and 8th graders shadow current students to experience a typical day at DSHA. They follow their hostess to each of her classes to see our teachers and students in action. Hostesses can be requested by you, or we will do our best to pair your daughter with a hostess based on her individual interests. Your daughter should walk away from her shadow experience with an idea of what it’s like to be a Dasher.

    We encourage students to shadow as many times as they deem necessary. Some middle school students may get everything they need out of their first Visit Day, while others may need a second shadow experience to make their final decision. We leave it up to your family to decide how many times is necessary for your daughter to make her final decision.
  • Q. How can my daughter prepare for the entrance exam?

    A good night’s rest, breakfast and prompt arrival are our best tips on how to prepare for the entrance exam. Pre-registration is required for the Saturday test. The entrance exam covers cognitive abilities as well as basic skills. The test includes verbal, non-verbal/quantitative, reading, language and math sections. The test is the Scholastic Testing Service's High School Placement Test.
  • Q. Does my daughter need to take the entrance exam at multiple schools?

    Most of the Catholic schools in the area use the same standardized test as their entrance exam. At this time, Dominican High School and St. Joan Antida High School use tests which are not accepted as part of DSHA’s admission process. Your daughter will need to take multiple tests if she applies to either of these schools. Please contact the Admissions Office if you have any questions about the validity of your test.
  • Q. Does DSHA accept transfer students?

    Yes, DSHA is willing to consider transfer applications into the sophomore and junior classes. Transfer applicants should contact the admissions office and fill out an application in the spring. Because enrollment is full on a yearly basis, DSHA is not able to consider mid-year transfers.
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  • Q. What criteria are used to select DSHA students?

    Our admissions committee reviews the following: DSHA application, entrance exam, 7th and 8th grade report cards, previous standardized testing, and a student achievement form that is completed by the applicant’s current teachers. Letters of recommendation are not necessary and do not provide an advantage in the admissions process.
  • Q. Do I have to be Catholic to attend DSHA?

    No, DSHA considers applicants from all faith backgrounds. Currently 20% of our students are non-Catholic.
  • Q. When will I receive an admissions decision?

    Admissions decisions are mailed home in early January.
  • Q. Is there a wait list?

    Annually, DSHA maintains a wait list for the incoming class. Our wait list is not ranked, so as spots become available in the incoming class, all applicants remaining on the wait list are reconsidered to determine who will be the best fit for the class at that time.


List of 7 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. How much is tuition?

    Tuition for the 2018-19 school year is $14,170. This does not include books, uniforms or fees.
  • Q. Does DSHA offer financial aid?

    DSHA is committed to providing outstanding college-preparatory Catholic educational opportunities to qualified students regardless of a family's financial circumstances. One-third of families qualify for some need-based assistance, with the average award being $7,500.

    The amount of aid is determined upon careful evaluation of a family’s financial situation. Numerous factors, including income, number of children, amount of tuition paid at other schools, among other life expenses and circumstances, are taken into consideration. This information is provided by completing a Financial Aid Application through FAIR.
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  • Q. What is the work study program?

    The work study program is only for students who receive need-based financial assistance. These students are required to work for one semester for about 1.5 hours per week. Job assignments may include working in the cafeteria, assisting with school-wide mailings, or helping teachers with administrative tasks.
  • Q. Are there scholarships available?

    Yes, there are limited service, leadership, and academic scholarships available for incoming freshman students. These are small, one-time awards to recognize the middle school achievements of our incoming students. An application will be provided at incoming freshman orientation.
  • Q. What payment options are available?

    Families have the option of paying in full prior to the start of school or enrolling in a payment plan that allows them to make 10 payments throughout the school year.
  • Q. Will I have to pay back my financial aid award?

    No. Financial aid is not a loan and does not need to be repaid. Students who receive financial aid are required to participate in the work study program.
  • Q. Am I eligible for the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program?

    Families must meet income and residency requirements per the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.
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